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I love polar bears

An Academic Award

After 3 academic years in university, I have finally obtained a scholarship for my final year. The scholarship covers my entire last two semesters before I graduate. Maybe this is the start of my grand exit out of my academia life. Maybe, just maybe. School’s about to start, we’ll see what happens next.

Finding Satisfaction

Striking off more and more things that I do not feel particularly excited about. I guess that is part of life, exploring different options and opportunities and understanding more about yourself. What you once thought you might like may just turn out to be something that is just “meh”. It will take time. Just got to keep telling yourself to push on.

Where art thou my dream job?

My Trip to Dreamland

Just came back from my short study trip to San Francisco. It was an entrepreneurship kind of study mission where the university brought us to visit various startups and companies to learn from them. As much as I have learned about the startup scene there in Silicon Valley, the fabled wonderland for tech, the most important takeaway has something to do with my self-awareness. Continue reading