The Summary

Swift World revolves around technology and entertainment. We share the latest interesting videos on the internet, provide reviews and previews of the latest products and services such as video games, movies, shows, computer related stuff, internet websites and so on. We also provide guides and tutorials on various subject matters. Because the site also acts as a personal blog, you will find Swift’s personal thoughts and opinions on events and happenings in his life.

The Story

Swift World is founded by an idealistic and dreamy person. Seeing how many people online could earn a living with their websites and blog, he wanted to be one of them. Simply creating online content and raking in the money through whatever means seems to be an extremely lucrative deal. Besides, he loves technology and the internet, having such a job would be a dream come true. With that, Swift World was born.

The main idea behind Swift World is simple. Anything that interests him would form the content of the website. His interests lies in many many things say anything related to technology, the internet, and anything entertaining and interesting. To sum it up, almost everything.

He knew that simply blabbering about different things on his site isn’t going to cut it out in terms of earning money. How many people could simply talk about anything and earn? Not many. How many people could talk about specific topics say “How to make money online” or even give reviews to specific topics such as food movies etc and earn? Not many but certainly comparatively more. Still, he had to stick to the philosophy behind the site; Talk about his life yet benefit from it.

After much thinking, he decided that his site will be split into two main categories: personal and official. Topics that fall under personal would be things such as his own personal rants of his life or perhaps a video he found interesting. On the other hand, official would contain reviews, previews etc of products, technology, entertainment etc that he has come across.

Now the money would mainly come from online advertisements and sponsorships/freebies by companies for review/preview/whatever. It will be awesome with all the money and free stuff coming in. This is the perfect plan. Freebies and money from the creation of content put up online. So there he goes writing about his life and talking about anything he comes across talkable, hoping one day the free stuff would come and the money will keep rolling in.

The Future Chapters

We are constantly looking for people to join us in the creation of this world. One man can only do that much and we recognize this limitation. We therefore warmly welcome anyone who wants to contribute to the website whether is it the creation of content or perhaps giving inputs as to how things could be done better. If you have something to contribute or say, do contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

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