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Adobe CS5 Simply Awesome

I’ve got hyped up over Adobe’s CS5 suite, released just yesterday 12th of April, after watching the new content-aware fill feature a week or two back. The results were simply magical. I myself have been using adobe products for quite some time mainly Photoshop, Flash (learning to use it) and a little Dreamweaver at times and after reading and seeing the new features that some of the software provides, I simply have to save up and get it when it arrives here (student edition of course. Much cheaper and that is a privilege a student gets!) Continue reading

BitDefender or BitDestroyer?

Never once did I face such problems with an antivirus software. So far I’ve used quite a range of antivirus softwares ranging from free versions to the paid ones. BitDefender was one of the paid software I actually spent money on that works rather well, at least till my computer was destroyed. Around a day ago (Sunday 1 am in the morning?) did I face with the horrors I have never encounter before. Continue reading

WordPress for iPhone/iPodTouch

Many months ago an online friend of mine (Swift) requested my help in enriching his website with more content. After some initial rejection, I eventually took up the offer & began writing some tutorials but my interest died fast due to 2 main reasons:

  • As a poor soul serving my 2 years NS liability I do not want to burn my precious weekends writing content for the public.
  • I’m just a procastinator who fails at life.

But—this little application gave me a little hope. With WordPress for iPhone, I could write some blog posts on my iPodTouch during my free time in bunk & with the application’s website announcing the application will be moving towards iPhone OS 3.0, I figured it will be a good time to review this application & hope future versions of it contains what I wished for. As an application built for a mobile device, it spots an uncluttered interface with a design aimed at people making short posts in my opinion. I will focus on mainly 2 functions of writing a blog post, entering text & adding pictures. Continue reading

ExitReality A New Way of Browsing

ExitReality is a browser’s browser. To elaborate further, it is somewhat like a plugin to be run in a browser to provide the viewer with a whole new way of browsing. Therefore, it is a browser’s browser! What is so special about this browser is that it gives you a whole new way of looking at one’s website; in 3D. Yes you can type in any Tom, Dick or Harry’s website and it will transform it into a 3D way of viewing. In addition, one can edit how his site looks like in the 3D view to his heart content. Whether is it adding a new car or some kind of decorative item, you can do so by just dragging and dropping the items you want. Then place it at the position you like and you can finally save your masterpiece. One problem though is that it does not work really well with blogs. This is because the plugin reads all links of each individual blog post, and convert it to one of its own link. For example at my site I have ShareThis links. The plugin would then convert all the sharethis links into one individual 3d object, causing the place to look cluttered up and disgusting at times. Nonetheless this is an extremely interesting way of browsing and viewing websites but the debate of whether 3d would be the new-gen of web browsing, I would firmly stand on the side of a definite “no”. This is mainly because it is too slow, and destroys the purpose of web design anyway (since it converts the website to its own 3D design).

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Woopra Review

At long last my site got approved. The screenshots they provided were awesome. The features they promise sound fantastic. Finally, I got to try it for myself. Just a brief introduction what Woopra is. Woopra is a traffic statistic tool used by webmasters to record down traffic details etc. Just take for example google analytics. It is somewhat like that but more of a desktop application. In addition, it uses beautiful and detailed graphs to display information, adds more features such as chatting with the users that is currently online etc. A small but great little tool for webmasters to use.

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Verey I – The Anti-Theft Solution for Laptops?

Me and My Laptop

I will go straight to the point. “No”, it does not help much in preventing your laptop being stolen nor does it help you in retrieving back the laptop. All it does is ask for a password (which adds on to your worries and clogs your brain memory space trying to remember one more password) and if the person gets it wrong, it sends an email with all the useless details (mostly) into your email address. I know within those few sentences above I might seem extremely hostile and harsh towards the software. However, whatever I speak of it is actually true (for me).

Alright, how about me going constructive like how my Literature teacher always teaches me, whenever you state a point, there must be an evidence to support it. If not it is just a useless statement with no substance or potential at all. In other words bullshit. Verey I, is made for the Macintosh first before finally porting over to the Windows operating systems. Whatever it is, I find it not much of a use and not worth the price tag that carries with it.

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PQ Talking Photo Software Review

Previously I have talked and touch on a tiny little bit on the software and showed you an example as well. Well because of that, I was rewarded with a free license key to create my own talking photos! (singing for my case). I just tested it out (just received the email with my key) and found that it is pretty easy to use, and is definitely fun to play with. However there were just a few disappointments here and there. Still, it is a pretty fun software to have but for the price of $50 is what I am quite worried about. Nevertheless, let us move on to the review.

Worthy to be mentioned

Extremely easy to create your first ever talking/singing/shouting/whatevering photo! A few clicks and you’re actually done! It is that simple!

If you think you want to edit when your photo blinks etc, you can! There is an advanced script editor whereby you can insert or take away emotions etc.

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