ExitReality A New Way of Browsing

ExitReality is a browser’s browser. To elaborate further, it is somewhat like a plugin to be run in a browser to provide the viewer with a whole new way of browsing. Therefore, it is a browser’s browser! What is so special about this browser is that it gives you a whole new way of looking at one’s website; in 3D. Yes you can type in any Tom, Dick or Harry’s website and it will transform it into a 3D way of viewing. In addition, one can edit how his site looks like in the 3D view to his heart content. Whether is it adding a new car or some kind of decorative item, you can do so by just dragging and dropping the items you want. Then place it at the position you like and you can finally save your masterpiece. One problem though is that it does not work really well with blogs. This is because the plugin reads all links of each individual blog post, and convert it to one of its own link. For example at my site I have ShareThis links. The plugin would then convert all the sharethis links into one individual 3d object, causing the place to look cluttered up and disgusting at times. Nonetheless this is an extremely interesting way of browsing and viewing websites but the debate of whether 3d would be the new-gen of web browsing, I would firmly stand on the side of a definite “no”. This is mainly because it is too slow, and destroys the purpose of web design anyway (since it converts the website to its own 3D design).

Just take a look at the screenshots as well as the videos done by their own production team and experience it yourself by downloading it. I would advise that people with rather old computers or poor internet connection not try it out as it is rather internet-computer intensive.

[youtube COSkTwVF8-c]

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