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BeGone is an online First Person Shooter (FPS) that is playable from your browser. The only necessary requirement of the game is for a plug-in to be installed. It features your basic typical FPS multiplayer gameplay where there are two teams and the first team to eliminate the other wins. There is no registration required, just visit the site and you can get to play a match just like that. How exactly does this browser game fair? Read on for a more in-depth review of the game, and remember to check out the slotzo spielen games as well. Note that this review is based on the latest version played as of this article is written.BeGone Browser FPS 3rd Person View

BeGone is simple. Think the classic Counter Strike just without the many different weapons, game modes and maps. You pretty much have that type of gameplay just that now it is easily accessible through your web browser. The shooting works like the modern day FPSes where you can shoot without looking through the sight. However, looking and aiming using the weapon sight will give you a higher accuracy in shooting as well as a slight zoomed in view to allow better targeting.

The way to win the round is to eliminate your entire opponent’s team. Every time you kill or assist in a kill you get money. Winning in rounds give a nice paycheck as well. This money can be used to buy weapons that will give you an edge in the battle. There aren’t many weapons to choose from as of now, but the developers did mention that they will be adding more content updates in the future. Now you get to choose from a better rifle, a sniper rifle and a shotgun. You do start with a free basic sub machine gun and yes it does kill. It is nice to see that the developers are smart to include the different weapons that will allow for a different play style. The rifle is for mid range combat, sniper for long range and lastly the shotgun for close quarter combat. Should you run out of ammo, do feel free to switch to your fists and knock your opponent out. Else, you can look for the ammo crate to replenish your ammo.BeGone Browser FPS gameplay

There is only 1 available map to play on. You have 6 players in each team battling out. You get to sprint, jump and shoot. Not sure why there isn’t a crouch button but hey the game still works like how a FPS should. Yes that is all you need to know about the game as that is all it has to offer. Feel put off but how little it has? Please don’t and do yourself a favour by trying out the game. Though it is stripped down to the bare bits of a modern day FPS, it still is fun.

The graphics are surprisingly good for a browser game. Of course we don’t compare it to your modern day shooters. Instead, compare it with the browser games you can find off the net. You’ll realize that BeGone does have some nice eye candy. Gun sound effects are alright and generally the game sounds alright. Nothing special but then again, what more can you expect?

The simplicity of the game allows for all kinds of FPS players to pick up and enjoy. The accessibility of the game means that you can simply play it from anywhere and anytime as long as you have an internet connection. At its current state, the game feels unfinished. However, the potential is there and the current content should be sufficient to keep you interested. More importantly the developers are constantly upgrading the game, making it more stable and introducing new content along the way. I’ve enjoyed playing the game in short bursts, even more so when I’m extremely bored and have nothing to do. It is great fun to play it in school through the use of the school computers. Yes, since all you need is a browser and an installation of a plug-in, the game can be played as long as you have a computer and the internet! Grab a few friends in school and hog some school computer with internet access. There you go, a mini LAN party to take a break from that hectic school work.BeGone Browser FPS Low Healthjpg

The game is currently FREE and there is no registration involved. Just visit the website and off you go. Customize your keys and settings to your liking. If you like to have a temporary identity, you may want to change the nickname  that is assigned to you. I don’t see why you shouldn’t try the game out when it is this simple to play it. And even more so since it is FREE, just go try it! And don’t say that I’m recommending BeGone mainly because it is free; I’m recommending it because it is a fun pick up and play FPS game. It is definitely not an advanced shooter with much content or depth but it is still definitely fun. Yes it may get boring after a while since you’ll be playing in the same map repeatedly but in short bursts of playing, BeGone succeeds in delivering the entertainment. In addition, all this is done through a browser, what could possibly go wrong?

Off I go now to start getting fragged by my opponents. Hey come on I’m just not that good with FPS games okay? What matters most is that I’m having fun right?

Official Website: NPlay BeGone

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