Interstellar Marines: Real-life Loot to be Won

Interstellar Marines, an awesome shooter that launches right from your browser! No need for downloads, cds or whatever. Just open up your favorite browser and go to their site to play! I did give a brief mention about this indie game months back and today they are having an event to give away real life prizes. Yup, this holiday season isn’t over yet! Enjoy your remaining few days of fun with even more fun and joy with Interstellar Marines! Read on for more information of the event.

When: Wednesday, December 22nd 2010 to Monday, January 3rd 2011

Prize: Apple iPad 64 GB Wifi + 3g

In the spirit of the holiday season, Zero Point Software announces complete and free access to Running Man, the first prologue game to its forthcoming sci-fi shooter Interstellar Marines. A killer iPad prize is up for grabs for registered marines that successfully complete a day of training in Running Man, which you can play – conveniently – right inside your web browser.

Running Man takes you two kilometers below ground in a top secret military facility, where you will have to face an onslaught of Combat Training Robots in different environments. If you succeed you’ll be one step closer to joining an elite squad of Interstellar Marines designed to be the first line of defense against new and hostile lifeforms.

How to enter:

Signing up is free and painless at, the Interstellar Marines community site. Doing so will unlock full access (including all levels and saved progress) to Running Man. Simply complete one training day in Running Man to enter a holiday prize draw for a brand spanking new 64GB iPad. The qualified winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Previously registered users that complete Training Day 1 in Running Man are also eligible.  For more information about the competition go to the Interstellar Marines website.

What is Interstellar Marines?

Interstellar Marines is the world’s first truly independent AAA blockbuster game. The goal is to create a trilogy of games that can rival major blockbuster titles both in terms of graphics and gameplay. Interstellar Marines is being built with help from the community that directly supports development through investment in Spearhead or Frontline accounts, featuring perks such as early access to every new update from Interstellar Marines–including the highly-anticipated multiplayer mode–and a full digital copy of the Interstellar Marines trilogy when it’s released. Perhaps the most important part of this equation: Our users get to have a say in the making of Interstellar Marines, every step of the way.

Gifts that keep on giving

As a part of the holiday cheer, new users will be able to pick up Spearhead and Frontline accounts discounted by 25% at the shop from the 22nd of December to the 3rd of January. For our existing Spearheads and Frontliners, the most dedicated of fans, we’ve also prepared an exclusive Christmas mini-game.

We also invite new users to experience Interstellar Marines’ previous playable releases, Bullseye and The Vault.  Feel like testing your raw shooting skills against helpless synthetic cut-outs? Bullseye is the training facility for you; a veritable gauntlet of weapons target practice aboard the AIV Kitty Hawk. Meanwhile, The Vault provides an enticing fully-3D tour of environments and units from the ever-growing Interstellar Marines universe.

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