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Arctic Accelero Xtreme III Review (Replacing R9 290 Reference Cooler)

The Accelero Xtreme III is a custom air cooling solution by Arctic for graphics cards. Custom cooling for graphics cards aren’t that uncommon especially for liquid cooling modifications. We have also seen the recent introduction of brackets to allow the installation of your All-In-One liquid coolers for CPUs on GPUs. Such options definitely do help especially for people who want to go liquid but don’t have the knowledge or means to do a full custom one. The Xtreme III isn’t the latest model (version 4 is out already) but it is something that has been in the market for quite some time and is easier (at least for me) to get. Read on for the full review of the Arctic Xtreme III.

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Xigmatek Prime SD1484 Review

The Prime SD1484 is one of the newer CPU cooler offering by Xigmatek. The Prime SD1484 implements the Heat-pipe Direct Touch technology and promotes a new type of fan blade design that apparently allows more air to be pushed at a quieter rate. With the already saturated CPU air cooling market, we have seen fantastic performers such as the Noctua NH-D14 and Thermalright Silver Arrow dominate in terms of cooling performance so much to the point that some people believe that such performance is the limit to air cooling. How well exactly the Prime performs? Read on for the full review. Continue reading

NZXT FX 120 & 140mm Enthusiast Fan Review

NZXT is a brand that is a brand that often is associated with sleek design and simply eye pleasing stuff. Don’t judge a book by its cover right? Exactly, not only does NZXT produce stuff that are great on the outside, the inner performance of their products shine as well. Take for example the recent NZXT Phantom as well as their other great cases such as the Lexa S, simply gorgeous and not at all lacking performance wise. Today I have with me a rather new product from them, the NZXT FX Enthusiast Fans. If I’m not wrong this is one of the few reviews out there at this point of writing. Read on for my take on the fans. Continue reading

NZXT Phantom Review

Here I am typing up a post when I should clearly be starting on my exam preparations. Yes, analyse the choice of words carefully and feel sorry for me. Anyways, I have gotten hold of a new case for my computer. When I first saw the case, I was really pleased with the design. I thus decided that it is about time to get rid of my previous not-so-good-looking case and migrate my stuff over to a sleeker looking one. The case I am talking about is the NZXT Phantom. It recently reached the shores of my fine country and I had just purchased it. With the SwiftWorld in mind, I decided to venture into hardware reviewing and yes this is my first time reviewing a computer case so do spare me if I covered something inadequately. Continue reading