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BatDad – Batman and Family

What happens when you take Christian Bale’s Batman voice, a father with a Batman mask, his children, wife, a smartphone and the discovery of Vine (software) and put them all together? You get several 7 seconds of absolute entertainment. Now not all clips seem very appropriate; especially those where he seemed to have scared the life and soul out of his loved ones (doesn’t seem staged). Other than that, he seems to be a loving father and really friendly as well. Must be weird though to have someone in your house constantly videoing selfies and speaking in such a voice.

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The Dark Knights

The dark knights come every night. They have stories to tell, songs to sing, poems to recite and adventures to share. It always is lively is filled with noise, laughter, music and dance.

the dark knights

They come at different times throughout the night. Sometimes before sleep and sometimes when only vampires are awake looking for prey. All I am certain is that once one comes the rest will follow soon after. They are something like the Knights of the round table just that in their case it’s called the dark knights of the round table. Continue reading