Different Places Different People

When you go to a different place, you will meet different people. Different in the sense that their culture, way of thinking, habits etc will be different. The community is different. The perspective is different. The rules are different. Everything is different. This applies to the online world too.

Online Community Map

Different communities exist in the internet too. You have some that are more intellectual, others that are simply there for fun and laughter. Make sure you know the rules of the game before playing. What you think is right previously might be totally wrong in the new place. What you think is the norm (and even if it is as logical and common sense as it may sound) might be unheard of in the new place.

Different places have different people. Know your place and don’t get caught off guard with whatever surprises (as stupid and frustrating some might be) that you may encounter.

[image by: .mw via flickr]

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