Almost Time For a Break

The semester is about to end. “Holidays” are fast approaching. I need this break real soon. The pace of my IB School life suddenly shot up within the past 2 weeks or so. Assignments, important projects and internal assessments for several subjects came all at the same time. It was all party at first and the chaos at which these 2 weeks totally caught me off guard. I’m glad that it is slowly decreasing in pace and things seem to go a little lighter yet again.

The June holidays, the month where it is supposedly holidays until you find out that your important midyear examinations falls right after you come back from all the parties. June holidays ain’t a study break; it is merely a school break. You don’t need to go school, but instead you study at home. At least at home you get to do things your way, somewhat, and you have the comfort of your bed, computer and everything else.

Holidays for us Year 5 students are only 3 weeks instead of the usually 4 weeks or a month. They said it was to make up for the 1 week spent during WoW (Window on the World). I say it is just pure paranoid that without it we might drop in standard. They keep yapping at us telling us that they ain’t got much time, but wait the time spent at WoW is being replenished, why no time? Some of them even said that it was the last week that was supposedly to take place before our year end break, I say not. Well, at least the Week 11 is much lighter in weight and I mostly need to go for a few hours (2 to 3) every day.

Anyways, whatever it is at least it is fast approaching. Better get my mentality right that I’ve to rest and study at the same time. All play and no work makes Jack a lazy ass. Ah the thought of it, great and terrible at the same time. Now I’ve got to go back and finish some more of my graded assignments.

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