A Whole New March Holiday Experience

March Holidays are about to end. I haven’t been doing what I ought to do for my academics. I know I did say that I didn’t have much homework to do at all but there was some reading to be done. To be honest, brutally honest I’ve yet to even open the book to read even one page. There are still hundreds of pages left and school is about to start. Blah, I feel really bad now, wait don’t I always have this kind of feeling for every Holiday?

Anyways, I’ll try to get some reading done and finish up the rest of the homework should there be any. Still March Holidays have been one hell of a week for me. I mean for the past 4 years, my March holidays are usually filled with NPCC activities whether it is camps or competitions. Usually, I’ll be back in school doing drills, practicing my knots and stuff, sleeping in tents blah blah blah. This year, it is totally different. Instead of camps and drills, I have sports training and some publication group stay over. A rather new experience for myself and I got to say that it is rather tiring.

Activities took away my Monday all the way to today, Friday excluding Tuesday. How awesome is that for an excuse for not completing work. Hockey trainings were physically exhausting due to physical training and the sheer need to run, hit and so on. I kind of get the feeling that I am getting the grips of the game already. Not consistent in hitting the ball or am I strong enough or technically sound to strike the ball at such great velocity but still I guess improvement should be what I ought to look forward to. I experience what it was like to run back and forth for half of a match and I have to say that I almost died. At the end of the half I almost puked, no kidding. Lucky I didn’t have a heavy breakfast or the pitch would be decorated with my vomit.

The publication group stay over was frustrating, very frustrating to be honest. I mean everything was not planned as it is and due to it falling on the day right after hockey training, my temper and attitude wasn’t set right at the very start. I mean yeah so got pissed off at the slightest of things but towards the end it was much better. Learnt about how the group works and the different departments so on and so forth. Also did some preparations for the next issue that is about to be launch before the June Holidays.

It sucks to be sick for the holidays and I am sad to say that I have yet to even recover from it. Currently suffering from cough and flu or even maybe fever who knows. Sick from the start till the end, how awesome is that. Maybe that explains the puking feeling, or maybe I’m just unfit.

Feeling giddy now even after sleeping for hours during the afternoon. Time to go off and sleep or something. Maybe a game first. Maybe a page. Nah, the game options sounds better. I’ll leave you with some practice drawing I did recently. Was thinking of doing a web comic when I get more efficient with the pen and my artistic talent (if there is any). Don’t laugh as usual.

Enjoy the rest of your March holidays for you students and the weekend for the adults.

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