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A Whole New March Holiday Experience

March Holidays are about to end. I haven’t been doing what I ought to do for my academics. I know I did say that I didn’t have much homework to do at all but there was some reading to be done. To be honest, brutally honest I’ve yet to even open the book to read even one page. There are still hundreds of pages left and school is about to start. Blah, I feel really bad now, wait don’t I always have this kind of feeling for every Holiday? Continue reading

IT Show 2010 Marks March Holidays

March holidays have begun! It is time to start my engine and read my lit books. Loads of pages from so many different books I have yet to finish reading. I better buck up my reading skills before the next term starts for semi major examinations are on the way. Anyways, before I talk about what I’m going to do during the holidays and perhaps give a summary of whatever happened in this whole term, I’ll like to talk about the IT Show I just attended. Continue reading