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Honestbee Habitat – The Future of Retail

Retail does not have to die, it just have to reinvent itself and cater to the newer age of audiences. With the rampant invasion of eCommerce, you can basically buy everything online through the web or a mobile app. Retail is getting expensive especially in countries such as Singapore. Revenue can barely cover the cost of rental expenses, let alone staffing costs.

Retail should not just be the selling of products; it should be the selling of an experience.

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My First Freelance Gig

Client from hell? Hell yes! I have read about such clients so many times in the so many posts by so many other freelancers out there in the past and present. It is unavoidable I suppose but this is partially due to my own fault (to be fair). What was a 1 to 1.5 months job turned out to be 3 to 3.5 months of work. In fact, it has not actually been “concluded” yet but it is at least more or less a done deal (I’ve been paid full).

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Issues Booting up Windows 10? Disable Fast Startup

For close to two year I have never understood why my computer fails to boot up on the first try.

I always had to restart the computer half way through before being able to successfully boot into Windows. Today I learned that it was Window’s brilliant recommended option to enable “fast startup” that is causing all the issues. For all of you out there facing a booting up problem, disable “fast startup” and test again.

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