Issues Booting up Windows 10? Disable Fast Startup

For close to two year I have never understood why my computer fails to boot up on the first try.

I always had to restart the computer half way through before being able to successfully boot into Windows. Today I learned that it was Window’s brilliant recommended option to enable “fast startup” that is causing all the issues. For all of you out there facing a booting up problem, disable “fast startup” and test again.

This can be found in Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Settings or simply search Power under Control Panel and you will find it. On the left menu you will then have to click on “Choose what the power button do”. You will then see the extremely recommended awesome brilliant option called fast startup, disable it.

I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 slightly after its release. My computer faced this startup problem after I upgraded. Thank you Microsoft. Thank you Windows 10. Thank you to myself for finally finding out how to fix this annoying issue.

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