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Issues Booting up Windows 10? Disable Fast Startup

For close to two year I have never understood why my computer fails to boot up on the first try.

I always had to restart the computer half way through before being able to successfully boot into Windows. Today I learned that it was Window’s brilliant recommended option to enable “fast startup” that is causing all the issues. For all of you out there facing a booting up problem, disable “fast startup” and test again.

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Once You Go 1440P You Can Never Look Back

I started using a 1440P (2560×1440 resolution) monitor about two years ago courtesy of the emergence of the budget Korean 1440p monitors. They were so cheap (comparatively) that I couldn’t help but jumped on the Korean 1440p monitor bandwagon and till this date I’m glad I did. When I first upgraded to a 24” 1080P display in 2009 (my first ever DIY computer), I was amazed at how huge the screen was and the amazing display resolution. In 2012, I upgraded to a 27” 1440P monitor and I was again, amazed and fascinated. This time around it wasn’t so much so about the increase in size but the display resolution.

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MSI Afterburner Android App

MSI Afterburner is one of the few softwares that computer enthusiasts often must have. In fact, almost anyone that builds their own rigs will definitely have it or a similar type of software whether is it simply to monitor the temperature of their graphics card or is it to overclock them to achieve more power and juice. What we have here today is the Android version of it. Yes, now you can overclock your computer on the go. Read on for the video walkthrough or if you want, the lengthy wall of text about the app. Continue reading

Computer Back Up

Computer back up, get it? I love double meanings. I’m meant to be a modern day poet. Anyways, yes my computer was down for roughly half a day all thanks to some brilliant skills of mine fiddling around with the settings. Yeah, tried out some overclocking (if you don’t know what that is just don’t bother) and failed terribly. Why exactly did that result in the failure of my hard drive I have completely no idea. It just makes no sense. Continue reading

3 Fans – Cooler and Cooler

Spent the morning fixing up 3 new fans into my rig. One was a kaze-maru 140mm fan, and the two others were red LED coolermaster fans. Fixed them up into my casing (Coolermaster 690) and that alone took me around 2 hours or so. Get Computer Repair has a Microsoft Certified Professional working there so I generally go to them for my computer problems but I am glad that I spent that amount of time doing it myself. Now I understood much more about my computer and how to fix one. Actually, after taking a look at the different wirings and where they went etc, I found out that it ain’t very difficult to build one yourself. I’ve so far fixed a graphics card myself and setup additional fans. Little by little I’m getting more and more used with this custom computer building thing.

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The Story of the New Graphics Cards

If you’ve followed my stories, you’ve known that I’ve recently purchased a whole new computer except for the graphics card. This in other words meant that I bought a nice shirt, a nice pants, a nice pair of shoes, funky socks and an awesome pair of sunglasses. However, my undergarment is 3 years old it is starting to itch. I’ve not gotten a graphics card due to the thinking that its price would drop (definitely would) and that I would get a good price for a good card in the near future. It wasn’t too much into the future (Good Friday 10/4/09) that I’ve purchased a graphics card due to some kind of promotion/offer.  Also on that day (Good Friday), my cousin’s uncle told me that he had a spare card for it couldn’t work on his Starhub free computer. That itself acts as an catalyse for the purchase of a new card. Continue reading