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MSI Afterburner is one of the few softwares that computer enthusiasts often must have. In fact, almost anyone that builds their own rigs will definitely have it or a similar type of software whether is it simply to monitor the temperature of their graphics card or is it to overclock them to achieve more power and juice. What we have here today is the Android version of it. Yes, now you can overclock your computer on the go. Read on for the video walkthrough or if you want, the lengthy wall of text about the app.

All you have to do to get everything working is to have MSI Afterburner on both your computer and  your Android phone and in addition you need a remote server application running on your computer to allow the syncing of information between your phone and the computer. All of these are available both on the android market and MSI’s official website. Once you have gotten everything up and running, you can then set the ip address to connect to. This obviously meant that you can access your computer as long as it is running and you have allowed your computer to be accessed from outside your network (through port forwarding etc).

Once the devices are connected, you can immediately head onto the monitor section to see what you would often see on your computer screen on your android phone! What is lacking though is the fanciful graphs and charts. You simply have all the information such as GPU temperature, fan speed, usage etc in words and numbers. You can then head onto the overclock menu to, overclock and tweak the settings of your graphics card. What you will be able to tweak using your android phone is similar to whatever you can do on your computer. Once you have adjusted the values accordingly, all you have to do is to simply hit your phone’s menu button and press apply. Magic then happens.

Besides that you have the option to only enable monitoring of your graphics card status and disabling the overclocking functionality of the app. The usefulness of the app depends on your usage and for me it sure is awesome to be able to monitor my graphics card temperatures and so on without having to tab out of my game or to have an ugly HUD displayed on my screen.

The app is not all that perfect though, in my usage I have encountered some minor bugs that though do not totally disrupt the functionality of the app is quite irritating. For example, the fan sliders do not work all of a sudden and also after applying a certain fan setting it does send the correct settings across but it displays wrongly in the overclocking menu. Nevertheless, the core functions do work well and it is certainly a pleasant little app to have. What I would like to see in future is the inclusion of profiles setting like the PC version. It will definitely be much faster and more convenient rather than always constantly adjusting the different sliders and stuff whenever you want to overclock or go back to normal.

If you’re interested you can watch the video walkthrough that I have recorded that basically shows what the app has to offer.

Android marketplace link: MSI Afterburner APP

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