Introducing the Ubuntu Edge

Did you know that there are other smart phone OSes besides Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows? Mozilla’s Firefox OS is one of the up and coming mobile OS. Together with that, we have the Ubuntu OS for phones. Introducing Ubuntu Edge, a phone that’s not a phone. With the ability to dual boot both Ubuntu phone OS and android, the Ubuntu Edge can also act as a fully functional Ubuntu desktop PC. A phone? Nah, a mobile device rather. Read on for the introductory video.

There are many things that are said within the video. Most powerful CPU, incredible display blah blah blah. For that, they would require a goal amount of $32 million dollars in their indiegogo campaign (a crowd funding platform). An insane amount for an insane device. It would be great for the consumers should the device really fulfil all its promises. The device sure looks delicious! Amazing hardware paired with a competent software? Sign me up!

For more information, head on down to their crowd funding campaign at indiegogo.

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