Live Action Angry Birds Peace Treaty

If you play current gen mobile games you should have tried angry birds or at least heard of it. The game is immense and is now serving over a million of mobile users across several platforms such as the iOS as well as the Android. It is an amazingly simple yet addictive game where it tells the story of the battle between the pigs and birds. Apparently these pigs stole the eggs of the birds and they are pissed off, thus they fight them trying to get back the eggs. This popular game has resulted in several reactions from plush toys, pillow cases, artworks and even birthday cakes. Now we have a live action short skit of a peace treaty between the birds and the pigs. Read on for the video.

Live Action

Say what? Say what? @!$* you! Hahaha totally hilarious. And you stop eating like a pig. If you haven’t try the game yet please do yourself a favour and try it out. Yes it might be overly rated according to some people but you cannot deny the fact that millions loved it.

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