NBA All Stars 2012 Funny Commentary

I know the NBA All Stars game for 2012 is long over. Nevertheless, here is a hilarious commentary on the match, simulated using the video game NBA 2k12 with added commentary from, according to the video description, Britain’s top netball commentator Anthony Richardson. Besides the awesome British accent, the ignorance and total cluelessness on basketball make it one hell of a hilarious commentary. Read on for the video.

The video gets real funny if you know a little of all the different kinds of sports. The references made within the commentary sure made me laugh quite a bit. For example calling Steve Nash “Luka Modric”, the Croatian footballer. I mean they do look alike and more so within the video game. There is also the constant commentating of each basket made as “goals” and so on.

What are your favourite lines made by the commentator? I am sure there are plenty! Feel free to share them. There are many more of such commentaries by the same guy on different simulated video game matches (the rest mostly are on football). Feel free to check out their channel for more of such videos!

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