Fifa 12 Gaming Commentary

If you’ve followed me for the past few weeks you should know that I’ve come to own a Colossus. The Colossus is basically a HD-PVR (High Definition Personal Video Recorder) that you can use to record video footage from a source. My main objective then to get such a device was mainly to record game content and to try out doing video related content such as video reviews, gameplay showcases etc. I also wanted to do gaming commentaries so here it is, my first try on a gaming commentary video. The game I used and will be using for this particular series of commentaries will be Fifa 12 on the PS3. Read on for the video.

This series of Fifa 12 gaming commentary videos is called “The Quest for Style and Substance”, I did explain what the title mean but I’ll just do it here if you didn’t catch it. Basically the objectives of this series is to improve my skill in game, mainly in terms of style. I don’t particularly use any fancy footwork or fleshy skills in the game but I do want to learn that aspect of the game because it is always nicer and cooler to have those moves performed first before scoring. I am also leaning towards learning how to use the customized set pieces online as I’ve seen opponents use it against me to great effect. So yeah, the quest for style and substance.

The audio quality isn’t particularly great because I’m merely using my headset’s microphone to record my voice. Don’t have any professional or semi-professional type of microphone so the quality is pretty bad. I wouldn’t call it terrible though but yeah, there is much more to improve on. In terms of the video format, I’m not really sure if this will work out but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what the viewers’ comments are (if any, hoping there are though) and then improvise and modify accordingly. Other than that the commentary content itself lacks quite a bit, still rather unfamiliar and inexperience in coming up with interesting stuff to say. Nevertheless I believe I will improve, and will do so at a greater rate should you guess provide any kind of feedback and constructive criticisms. I mean I do talk a whole load of bullshit in real life, its just that when it comes to speaking to the computer and a virtual audience I get a bit confused and shy.

So yeah, hopefully this gaming commentary series will take off and I’ll improve my game to greater heights (and maybe try out entering some competitions whenever possible).

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