Fifa 2010 Attacking Trailer

This trailer applies only to console versions (PS3/X360), PC Users, I’m sorry but you’ve nothing like this. Yes, be disappointed, be sad. I was before, but now that I have the console version, I’m happier. In the video, the 360 movement doesn’t really look that 360 eh? Hmm, I wonder what tweaks they put into this version this time. Hope these tweaks are enough to justify it being sold as a new game and not just a patch or some sort. Video after the jump.

Gameplay do seem a little more smoother than Fifa 09, that’s what keeps me excited. Oh and for PC users, this video is for you, yeah your gameplay fluidity is rock solid! Argh, I seriously pity the PC users, oh well EA just won’t get it eh?
[youtube fHBv4C_XNaw]

P.S The Fifa demo should be out in one day!!! Woohoo!

Fifa 10 Rooney Looks Angry
Something for you to admire. Yes thats CGI by the way, not in-game graphics.

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