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FIFA 10 Cover ArtNOTE: The version I’m reviewing is the PC version. The score and comments given is solely for the PC version and have nothing to do with the portable mobile versions nor the console versions.

I still can remember myself reviewing Fifa 09 for the pc last year. I had a hard time controlling my emotions and not let them affect my review too much. Two years ago, they promised the Be A Pro mode for Fifa 09 but failed to deliver. This year, they didn’t promise to do anything and they were successful in doing so. Fifa 10 = Fifa 09. Yes fanboys, that is the sad truth. This year’s version is simply Fifa 09 with the squad updates. Even so, many of the last few transfers of the season isn’t even implemented in the game. Absolutely horrible and terrible.

Come on EA Sports, you guys claim that if you were to switch to next-gen almost all PC users won’t be able to play it. That is utter bullshit and nonsense. Look at PES 2010, next-gen and a lot of people are able to play it. That statement was simply an excuse to not work a port or anything. You lazy asses just want to do squad updates year after year, saying the same old thing that most PC users will not be able to run next-gen gameplay. Think about it, you have the ability to create an option for people to select between the graphics. Whether their computer can support next-gen or not won’t be a matter no more if they were able to choose between the different graphical settings no?

FIFA 10 Menu Screens

Putting graphics aside, how about improving the gameplay? Fifa 10’s gameplay is the same as Fifa 09. Don’t try to lie with your fancy 360 movement nonsense and other crap. None of that is implemented. All you guys did was merely editing some of the animations of the players and so on. That is all you guys did. The gameplay is still similar to that of Fifa 09 or should I say Fifa 08? If you guys decided to give up on the PC, why not give it up altogether rather than cheat gamers of their money? Promising this and that and failing to deliver only to come up with an excuse such as average PC gamers cannot support if you guys were to upgrade to next-gen.

[youtube DIfD-oUC6nY]

I’ve harped on the next-gen fifa for much because I really want it to be on the PC. Alright perhaps next-gen is maybe too troublesome for you guys. Maybe next-gen porting is out of your league and budget. If that’s not possible, how about coming up with some other new ideas? How about improving the gameplay so that it will become at least 80% as smooth as the game on the console? How about trying to come up with some other new gimmicks rather than not coming up with any at all? I’m very sad that nothing has been done to the game at all. Make it worse or better I don’t care, at least do something.

FIFA 10 Pre Match

On the bright side, they included a be a pro camera (was it present in the Fifa 09? Can’t be bothered anyways) which sucks seeing how ugly your players are close up. They have included new animations for referees and players. Crowd responds to your play and when you score they do react (Home and away grounds do have difference). The music line-up for the menu screens are as good as ever. Controls aren’t screwed up and fine. The game runs OVERLY smoothly on my computer (Maybe I can open another 9 more clients to play 5 v 5 be a pro with myself).

There is nothing more to add. Constructive review or not doesn’t matter. This probably sounds more like a rant rather than a review but who cares. They did not put in the effort so why should I? If you want more information on the game, you can take a look at my review on the 09 version. The same I guess. For now, PC users I really suggest you get a console if you really love virtual soccer gaming. Fifa 10 on the next-gen consoles is seriously good. When I say seriously good I meant that if you compared it with the PC console, it wouldn’t even be beauty and the beast. Instead, its everything against nothing. Fifa 10 on the next-gen consoles is a game ALL soccer fanatics should get. For now, PC users should just play PES 2010 for it is next-gen and is 5000% better than Fifa 10. Take the next-gen from PES 2010 away and it will be 4999% better. If you insist on playing Fifa 10 on the PC, I can’t blame you. The official logos and leagues are something that might attract some. Otherwise, just give it a pass, it sucks, a lot.

FIFA 10 Arsenal Tottenham

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    1. So true. I knew I weren’t the only one. But I have to admit, I do have a next-gen console and kudos to them making the next-gen fifa 10 fantastic. Now the only problem is probably them being lazy, “OOOO PC users can’t support next-gen”. Whatever. They expect fifa next-gen to be as powerful as games such as crysis? Comeon, even if it is as powerful it is proven that many can run it whether low in settings or not.

  1. I thought this years fifa10 was a joke, a mod for fifa09 that someone had leaked as fifa 10…sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction

  2. That was objective. There are various gameplay improvements if you bother to play the game for a decent length of time.

    Everybody seems to be blindsighted by the lack of graphical updates, but this was something that EA pointed out from the start that wouldn’t be updated this year.

    1. Gameplay improvement? I guess that they are way too minor and insignificant for me to notice.

      Besides the pain and sadness comes from comparing the game with the next-gen which is almost a new game altogether. That is what saddens many. The excuse for pc users not being able to support is utter nonsense to be frank.

  3. lol what a rubbish game. it lookes like it was made over 10 years ago and the gameplay really sucks. i don’t think i’ve ever played a worse football game. the people in EA must never watch football. this one is for the kids who just want to run and score goals. not at all realistic.
    I give this game a 0.1 out of 10

  4. Utter rubbish game been playing it not bought it thank god and it sucks major time.I guess this is the end of fifa on PC and I must say I am happy PES for me forever now EA will never get another cent on me when it comes to sports games.

    I don’t use consoles but I spend 2-3k on my PC per year on hardware and games so you lost a customer that spends a fair wack well done EA you lazy gobshites.

  5. Now, THAT is a lame excuse! “PC users can’t support next-gen”… The kind of excuse that a lazy ass kid gives his teachers about his homework.

    Better buying PES and forgettin FIFA till they make a game, a real one, not just an update.

  6. Totally crap. I up graded my PC last year (2008) when I bought FIFA08 (yes 08). I was hoping to buy FIFA 10 while it is still new and I did – last week. While FIFA08 had not worked on my PC before the up grade, FIFA10 worked on my PC. The sad thing is that its as if I did not need to up grade my PC after all. Using the highest resolution, the graphics quality is worse than that for FIFA 2000. Seriously – FIFA 2000. I was utterly gobsmacked. FIFA08 is much better. UP DATED VERSION OF FIFA09 – I THINK NOT. MORE LIKE A BACK DATED VERSION OF FIFA 2000. I am not buying anymore EA sports games. I give up.

    1. I read how they didnt include a PC feedback prefix or something at the official forums. That is something real funny.

      Wow and to think some people actually enjoyed the game. Oh well, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion I guess, but wait for someone actually say this was the BEST fifa on PC yet? I mean seriously?

      Haha, for those people I really encourage you guys to save up and get the consoles or something. Fifa 09 from 08 for the consoles was brilliant, Fifa 10 is nearing perfection. Bravo console development team!

  7. Today i have made an about turn.

    Before i thought EA were the bees knees. however now i am thinking that i will never buy another EA game!

    shame on you EA!

  8. Common guys, what do you expect. Fifa has been the same since 2004, as has nba live and every other EA Sports game on PC. I played nba live 08 a while ago (the last NBA Live on PC) and it was EXACTLY the same as NBA Live 04 except with WORSE graphics. Same goes for Fifa (I have purchased Fifa on PC every consecutive year since 2000-2007).

    What you need to realise is EA KNOWS you all can’t get it on console otherwise you would have done years ago. So it’ll just release the same old crap every year as long as there’s a profit.

  9. Guys fifa10 absolutely sucks ass on pc. please for your own sake type fifa10 pc on youtube and compare it to pes on pc on youtube….pes is 1000 times better in every flippin way, its rediculous how little effort fifa put in for pc. im dissapointed.

  10. This games sucks. Set the graphics to max…n even fifa 2000 looks better. It looks lyk they started developing the game then after they finished like 5% they gave up and released the thing. Ea… You will lose alot of customers. 4me…P.E.S all the way now. Neva fifa again. Ever!

  11. Graphics worse, movement unreal, cannot see faces clearly (all very dark), Grass colour awful, camera views crap…..enough said
    keep playing 09

  12. i think fifa 10 is totly a crap n pes 2010 is far more better then fifa 10. i was a big fan of fifa but they start making jokes like fifa 10. dnt waste ur money n time n play pes 2010.coz in fifa 10 nothing changes except name to 09 to 10

  13. It is ridiculous they would support such a statemement. Ordinarily it is the PC developers who have trouble porting to console, because PC games can stand to be so much more advanced, but never vice-versa.

    Looking at the gameplay footage, and having played the game myself, I would say that even calling this FIFA 09 is giving it far too much credit. You could even label it FIFA 07, with slightly shinier player models, if you were feeling particularly harsh.

    FIFA 10 is ruling the consoles, and with good reason. But PES 5 will forever be the king of PC! I’d take that over any current footie title, no questions asked.

    1. @Lou Chou
      But don’t you think it’ll be a tough fight if EA were to actually port over the next-gen version? You know I’ve always thought PES was better till Fifa 09 (next-gen) came out. It was a huge step forward for EA and the Fifa franchise.

  14. all i can say is WTF!! they still have not done anything about the celebrations when you win a cup they dont even show your team lifting a trophey after goin all out i mean how boring!! so angry and as for the gameplay its not too bad but its so hard to score 1 on 1s its pretty stupid the real pros will not miss from that range at all! ea wake up!! so going back to PES fifa 09 was best of all but now there down hill

  15. Usually, the PC version of games is an improvement from the console version. This has been a known fact for so long that it is now taken for granted.
    So when EA decide to make the version for (in the majority of cases) the more powerfull PC a sub-standard version, understandibly people are annoyed. Most other game developers put the effort in to make use of the PC’s scaleability.

  16. To the people that are saying 10 is the same as 09. Thats just retarded. 09 is wayyy better. The graphics in 10 are horrible. Not just the graphics but the movement of the players. Yes there are things that werent in 09 (the background of the stadiums look better) but it still doesnt make up for the horrible graphics. I have all of the graphics settings on high and the players/ball still look boxy and unnatural. Im sorry to say but 09 > 10

  17. This review its absolutly right! I have just tryed today Fifa 2010 and i was amazed…by such mediocrity !! I have tryed allready Pes 2010 but i read the gamespot review (they put fifa in the clouds and pes on the ground) and i thought that i will give it a try. What a waste of time!! This pc version must be a joke! horrible graphics (i have a decent graphic card, im not talking about lag, im talking about really blocky graphics!) and the gameplay its just bellow normal. Computer AI sucks compared with pes and the players seem to float in the air with no autenticity or movement realism.
    Pes 2010 may be a little too slow (sometimes players seem like old woman taking ages to make a simple pass) but we cannot compare this two games. Im going to try it on my PS 3 but for now im going to stick to PES since its the only real soccer experience on any machine!

    P.S Its EA paying people to do reviews? Im talking seriously since the diferences are so huge bettewen what the so called critics say and reality. This is the scandall of this year!!

  18. EA ain’t paying people to do reviews. The reviews done for fifa 10 are all for the console (next-gen) version. Most of them all aren’t talking one bit about the PC.

  19. I haven´t tried fifa 2010 on the ps3 (just an horrible experience on the PC) since they steel haven’t released a Ffa 2010 ps3 demo, but i have tryed Fifa 2009 on ps3 and its like another game (Fifa 2010 on the Pc its much, much worst than 2009 on PS3) but:

    1-Fifa 2009 on the PS3 has worst graphics than pes 2010, they get blurry, undefined and with little contrast, you can play with smaller players on PES and steel see very clearly lots of detail, for me that is definitly a major characteristic of any game, definition and contrast, unless they have changed that on the 2010 version they loose to PES.

    2- The game play on fifa 2009 its just a shadow of pes 2010. Its not realistic, with that polished unnatural FIFA feeling that makes everything look predictable and easy, although its better than on other editions he cannot match almost any recent years PES. Fifa steel looks like a soccer game for kids that want a quick learning curve that causes a game to fall on the same schemes all over again. If they done the same on FIFA 2010 for ps3 they have failed miserably once more.

    3- Ok some animations look better on FIFA 2009 ps3 (the players on pes 2010 have little elasticity and make some rude transitions between different paces) but who cares when you have a feeling of realism on almost every department: passing, shooting (sometimes a mystery but working well most of the times) , dribbling, inertia (even with rude transitions) and Team AI (with good and natural player positioning, even when sometimes they don’t look for the free space to receive the ball). On FIFA 2009 ps3 the ball steel looks glued to the players feet unlike pes 2010.

    I haven´t played FIFA 2010 on ps3 but i hope they have done a good job since PES 2010 looks, feels and acts 10000 times better (ok, I am exagerating, 9500 times better :D)

    I’m sad because it will be good for soccer simulations if FIFA try s to really emulate a soccer game and stops to look like the “the dumb blond girl” of video games.

  20. I thought FIFA 10’s 360 thing would be new thing added and i still don’t know what it is.

    I’m not sure what’s up with my skills- whenever i change to other player, they stop running or move at a diff. direction which is not toward the ball. I found that very frustrating.

    One thing grabs my attention at the moment- Be a Pro mode. It’s different from FIFA 09 and it is more meaningful to play it.

    Otherwise, FIFA 09 had such a limited meaning for playing BAP mode.

    However, i think i’m coming fast to an end of interest to this game.
    Hopefully i can get something more out of this game.

  21. Hello again

    I finally have played Fifa 2010 on ps3 and im going to be short about it: PEOPLE FORGET THIS GAME!! Don´t waste your money on this rubbish how can anyone say that its better than PES 2010?
    Ok its way better on PS3 than the trash EA has made for PC but…who cares?
    If you want a satisfying lasting experience for now PES steel rules.(For more info read my other comments)

    Open your eyes and enjoy quality, best wishes for everyone.

  22. i have been playing fifa since 98 .and i am abig fan of manager mode since 2004:i was looking for the improvements in the same in fifa 2010 on pc ,i am dis heartend after playin it nothing better than 09 or even 08 .Now i got my pes copy 10 and iam playing master league now .Eventhough it is not as good as managermode i am sticking to it only problem is i have to do much editing and i cant change clubs but pes havent shown much disparity b/w pc and xbox unlike fifa.. i think it is the end of pc gaming for fifa.Unless Ea is not improving the pc version they are goin to suffer.any way they lost one of a die hard follower of fifa series

  23. I installed Fifa10 on my PC today morning at 4.30AM with lot of expectations. Luckily i didnt uninstall Fifa09…thats the only releif.

    Pros of FIFA10
    1. Updated Squad
    2. Russian League present (missing in FIFA09)
    3. 2 new game modes available – “Be a Pro – Season & WorldCup”
    and “Season Mode”
    4. Manager mode is still the same but gotta a new look n feel.
    5. Be a Pro – Season
    6. Penalty shoot out are tougher
    7. Player celebrations is better than what we had in FIFA09
    No new celebrations but the player doesnt collide with each other while celebrating like in FIFA09
    8. A new Main Menu
    9. Long pass feature in Be A Pro is cool.
    10. Most of the players have got atleast a real world face. ( i mean the custom faces doesnt look awful..they look human atleast)

    Cons of FIFA10
    1. Poor Graphics
    2. Not much Tricks
    3. Shots lack power
    4. CPU AI for GKeeper is pathetic. So easy to fool him
    5. Could have hired a better Face designer. At times, beckham looks like Bacary Sagna

  24. it isn’t so much the mediocrity that annoys me but the fucking dishonesty from EA when they gave the fifa 10 preview fo PC. apparantly manager mode was supposed to get this big face lift with all the new features and added authenticity in regard to transfers and more. but guess what? nothing changed at all!!!!!!!!!! it was all just a marketing scheme for all the gullible used-to-be-fifa-crazy gamers like myself. i will never buy another edition of fifa and added to that i will make sure to distribute illegal copies of fifa 10 pc. can’t watch people spend their hard earned money on this crap. EA can go jump off a cliff

  25. actually, apart from some grpahics like player face, seems like 08 is better than 1o. really. thought there’s gonna be a balance between the 08 tactical goal scoring difficulty and 09 graphics, but am disappointed. seems tis on the far end of 09, with same graphics and cheap scoring and unintelligent AI on the part of the players. anyone ready for a challenging game with pals better go to fifa 08, or another game. wonder how fifa 11 will look like. whew!

  26. Hey whats up guys!
    do any of you know how to upload or install my game face created at easportsfootball.co.uk into FIFA10 on PC? Plsease help! Thanks a lot….. 🙂

  27. FIFA 10 is the most rubbish game I’ve played on PC. You score a goal, the opposite team gets magical and they score. When they have to score, our team’s defenders get drunk. They just keep standing and keep watching the opponents. When the opposite team get closer to our penalty box, the defenders start moving away from attackers saying “welcome sir, we are ready to concede”

    After playing FIFA10 on PC, you have to scream…. I hate EA SPORTS….

    1. If you’re into management simulation you can try out Football Manager 2010. If you’re into soccer, you can try out PES 2010 though the gameplay is very much different but it is nextgen. Else you can stick with the pc version of Fifa 2010, it is not horrible, but when compared to the nextgen version, it certainly is nothing more than trash.

  28. fifa 09 was much much much better in terms of graphics…
    This is just a shit like the other PC games made by EA these days…
    And the lame excuse!!!
    In fact, most gamers can support next-gen graphics and those who can’t, they aren’t gamers at all!!!

  29. i played the demo it was alright i was going to buy it but then i heard there was no national teams for pc and i am a USA fan so now im not going to buy it and it looks like an add on for fifa 09 even fifa 09 has national teams and 10 doesnt i though 10 was going to be great instead its corny as shit dont buy your waisting your money

  30. The graphics of FIFA 10 is worse than FIFA 09. FIFA 10 has no detail at all, it runs in 25 fps on low detail on my 256 MB graphics. But interestingly PES 10 on high detail, high resolution all with high setting run on 55-60 fps on my same PC!

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