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My First Freelance Gig

Client from hell? Hell yes! I have read about such clients so many times in the so many posts by so many other freelancers out there in the past and present. It is unavoidable I suppose but this is partially due to my own fault (to be fair). What was a 1 to 1.5 months job turned out to be 3 to 3.5 months of work. In fact, it has not actually been “concluded” yet but it is at least more or less a done deal (I’ve been paid full).

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SGShop Review: First Time Shipping from China by Sea

God created the world, everything else is made in China. Buying things from China is a lot cheaper and recently the quality is decent too especially considering the price. Value for money is what you will get from most of your purchases from China. Most of you should be familiar with the online retailer Amazon. In China, they have TaoBao. Couple that with all the forwarding services available these days buying from Chinese online retailers has never been easier.

I recently bought a large ticket item, a mobile cart for hanging my 40-inch monitor. I used a forwarding and buying service called SGShop and would like to share some thoughts about my experience. In brief for those wondering how it went: Easy to purchase but item came in horrible shape.

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Sending Emails from Custom Domains for Free

I’ve been looking for a way to properly send emails from my custom domains (such as the domain you are on now, swiftworld.net) but I’ve been searching for the wrong services. I do not need a mailbox or any storage space, I just need to be able to send an email from someone@mydomain.com. I’ve finally found the “proper” way of doing things and for those of you who don’t send hundreds and thousands of emails daily, this will be a free solution for you as well. Continue reading

LeeQixian.com My Personal Portfolio Website

I’ve decided to put up a personal portfolio website on LeeQixian.com to document and showcase some of the works I’ve done so far. It will be the place where I’ll keep track of current, past and future projects that I am a part of. I’m very new to this web development industry so do let me know if you have any opportunities or advice for a newbie like me!

I still have about 2 years left before graduation. I should be increasing the tempo of personal projects and whatnot during these remaining schooling years. This site, SwiftWorld.net, will continue to be the place where I document my thoughts, publish guides, videos and everything else that interests me (as it has always been).