Revamping My Portfolio Site

Now that I’ve graduated, I think it is time to put my improved skills to work. Close to two years ago, I’ve launched my own personal portfolio site. It looked alright and I think it served the purpose to explain a little bit more about myself and allowed me to stand out (albeit slightly) from the rest in my internship interviews and whatnot.

I learn so much more and gotten much more comfortable with the tools and frameworks that is now a staple in my development stack. It feels good to have a deeper understanding of what is going on and having more knowledge of the topics at hand certainly allows me to figure things out faster and more effectively.

Many of my friends and family members asked what is next for me. I always replied, freelance, YouTube and just randomly releasing applications on the app stores and on the internet. I will definitely need a concrete plan and metrics to track to ensure that this one year will not be wasted by any means. I will be publicly posting it here and updating it to track my very own progress throughout the year. Stay tuned for it!

On another note, if you have something that needs coding and development, do feel free to reach out to me!

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