The Ending of Year 2008

The year of 2008 is about to end in about a month’s time. Throughout this whole year many things have happened. Some of them are positive while others were painful. Nonetheless I believe that 2008 has been fruitful and that I have made good use of the time. My academic route was quite smooth, meeting just a few bumps and troubles along the way. Still, I managed to pull through with a rather average result. What I worry most is that some of the fundamentals of mathematics aren’t grasp to my fullest of ability and that the advanced techniques next year are going to prove a problem. However, I’ll most probably be getting extra help from tuition lessons etc so I doubt that it would be much of a problem.

Swift World is already a year old and the traffic for the site has increased slowly but steadily during the past few months. Revenue from Google advertisements is still as little as ever, but is seen to be increasing at a really slow pace. The website faced a few problems, major ones mainly hacking attempts and server downtime due to the hackers. After each and every problem occurred, I learnt many things about site security and so on. I believe that in the year of 2009, less of such security lapse will happen. If you have noticed, I have changed the theme and website layout to one that is of styled like a magazine. I believe this will suit the site more for it isn’t just part of my personal diary, but also a platform for me to write reviews, articles etc.

I haven’t been posting much for there isn’t much motivation or anything interesting that inspires me to do so. Though the holidays have started for me, time is rather tight for I currently have a heavy schedule of extra school based activities, class gatherings and events. All that would last till around late November. I would then have the time to actually dish out some quality post once inspiration fills my mind.

That’s all I have to say for now but you sure can bet on me posting another article up real soon. Till then, enjoy your holidays if you are having them if not all the best in whatever you are doing!

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