It is Over and Now it is Ending

A Beautiful Place called SchoolThe final battle had gone by and now the year is coming to an end. School curriculum ends this Thursday. Time flies eh? One moment you hear me whining about not studying enough and now you hear me speak about the upcoming holidays. Alright, anyways there has been a lot of different things that happened during these few days or weeks.

The past weeks were basically examination weeks (the week before the previous). Nothing but exams, studying, exams and it repeats till the Friday before the last (I’m getting confused over the phrasing here.). After that, I was basically a free bird flying around looking for fun and joy, peace and laughter. Of course you might want to ask about the battle I had gone through. I’ll use an analogy. I’m like a captain of a ship that is in war, the ship is sunken but I’m still alive swimming to safety. Hmm, what a confusing analogy. Anyways, the results are in already, I do know of my results and I did below average.

I’m basically like the bottom few of the class but still, I’m rather happy with some of the marks I got. Really don’t know if I’ll get to talk to the principal or something because of the marks but well, at least I pass every single subject. That however is not enough, and tomorrow 27/10/09, the principal wants to talk to the whole level about it. Hmm, let’s hope it ain’t too unpleasant. Argh, how am I supposed to compete with the 6 As people coming in next year? I’ll be in classes of elites and I’ll probably be the lowest. But I have to persevere for I do not have any certification or anything with me now since I’ve taken the route of the through train. Nevermind about that, I’ll probably be able to take the subjects I want but now here comes the part where I’m really scared of making a choice. To go with computer sciences or take another science? Computing and stuff ain’t that recognized in Singapore for sure, and the job I want in future probably will not be possible in Singapore but are dreams and interest that important? Or should I think more practically? Bah, I rather not think about that now.

Putting my academics aside, time to talk a little about the website and some of the changes. I’ve been facing downtimes after downtimes with my previous host. Terrible loading times and serious problems with it that are left unresolved. Well, my webhost was fantastic in support. They tried their best to help me but the problem still couldn’t be solved. It was weird, my site was the only site down while the other sites on the server had no problems at all. I didn’t want to move or transfer my site over to a new webhost for it was my examination period but once it was over, I decided to give a new host a try.

I’ve moved to a host that received several positive reviews from many of their customers. Read forums for recommendations and stuff and finally place my trust with the webhost named SharkSpace. I’ll be doing a review soon about the process and what my first impressions were of the host. And maybe follow up with a 1 month review then a half a year review and lastly of course the yearly review. I’m really hoping that the host will not face much problems whether financially or whatnots, I’ve seen many host come and go within months and I hope this wouldn’t be the same with SharkSpace. Anyways, after shifting the problems were indeed solved. Talked with my previous webhost and they told me my downtime and long load times were due to some of the implications of the hacking attempt previously (yes swiftworld was hacked once). Oh well, glad everything is fine now.

Nothing else much to talk about my personal life or the site. Just want to say that tennis is indeed tough to play (for me at least). Had my virgin try today and bleh, I totally suck badly at it. Maybe I’ll improve one day after endless hours of practising.

[image by: Robb North]

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