SharkSpace: Half a Year of Smooth Hosting

I did mention in my previous review of my current host that I would do a follow up when 6 months passed. Here I am doing just that and I must say that so far everything has been fantastic. SharkSpace, for those who don’t know who or what they are, is a hosting company that SwiftWorld is currently being hosted by. This is a follow up review of the host and is based on the shared hosting services provided by the host.

There are many hosts out there that come and go within months. SharkSpace obviously ain’t part of that category of hosts and they don’t show any signs of entering such a situation any time soon. So far I haven’t faced much if not any problems at all. Uptime has been perfect, site loading times fast and server load maintained at a near perfect rate. Prices of the plans remained competitive and for such stability the price is totally worth it.

There was a period of time when uptime of my site lingered between 98% to 100% for around a week or so, not sure why but it didn’t really bothered me much since the impact was minimal and I doubt I suffered much lost or any implications during that period. After that particular week everything has been perfect so far.

For the mere pricing of $5 USD a month, SharkSpace not only provide excellent plans but also marvelous support and service. For those looking for a hosting solution, you might want to take a look at SharkSpace.

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