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SharkSpace: Half a Year of Smooth Hosting

I did mention in my previous review of my current host that I would do a follow up when 6 months passed. Here I am doing just that and I must say that so far everything has been fantastic. SharkSpace, for those who don’t know who or what they are, is a hosting company that SwiftWorld is currently being hosted by. This is a follow up review of the host and is based on the shared hosting services provided by the host. Continue reading

SharkSpace Webhosting Review

I’ve recently (around 2 weeks ago) shifted host. The main reason for doing so is due to the poor uptime of my previous host. That was not all, the loading time of the server is totally horrendous. I’ve tried optimizing to the best of my ability but the time taken to simply get a response from the server itself is way too long. That plus the free time I had since my examinations were finally over, resulted in the shift to a new host.

I search long and hard, looking for a host that is affordable and reliable. No point paying a dollar a month and then the server shuts down after a month. Reading forums and other people’s reviews, I decided to give SharkSpace webhosting a try. SharkSpace started in the year 2004, so I guess they do have some experience in this field. Their pricing is fantastically reasonable as well. To add on, they have an ongoing 50% off life discount that is currently available for certain plans. I’ll review the host based on first impression, my experience so far with their support and of course whether the server is performing for the price or the promises they made. Continue reading

sgBeat – Singapore Twitter

sgBeat LogoYet another local service has popped out. This time, it is a twitter clone. It works and serves the purpose of twitter. Of course, sgBeat caters mostly to the Singaporean users and its aims are that of introducing twitter to the Singapore netizens. Basically sgBeat is a twitter clone which links to twitter. Instead of “twitting”, you “beat” like how your heart would. I guess it means that you can write whatever you are feeling at that very moment so on and so forth. Instead of being a bird, you become a heart. How cool is that! Features are exactly similar to that of twitter with nothing out of the ordinary except the fact that by “beating” at sgBeat you have the ability to send that to twitter as well. This is rather smart in my opinion as Singaporean users will have little to complain or anything as sgBeat would serve as yet another twitter cilent thereabouts while giving them the ability to communicate with local twitters.
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YouthMEDIA – Blog Promotion Network

YouthMEDIA User DashboardYouthMEDIA is yet another blog promotion network. Its purpose is roughly the same as of the ever popular EntreCard; to promote your site at others site. Instead of using credits etc to buy spaces on people’s site, YouthMEDIA allows webmasters to simply show their website randomly on other users’ site. Basically it is like a two way traffic whereby you have to show other people’s website in order for them to show yours. This is ordinary and nothing so special but what actually makes me dedicate this featured post for this service is mainly because of the local audience. I’ve been seeing more and more local start-ups catering to international (but of course having a bigger local member base) audience as well as that of the locals. When I say local I am referring to the neighbouring countries Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan etc (somewhere in that region). Continue reading

Planet-Pulse Reviewed

Planet-Pulse Reviewed

Planet-Pulse Logo - Simple but nice




Planet-Pulse is a site whereby it gives the opportunity for people to take surveys provided and earn money at the same time. I know of many such sites but however I did not venture into any of them. However with the recommendation of one of my friend, and some comments from others in the internet, I found myself entering the site. First impressions are always very important and all I knew was that Planet-Pulse gave me a good one. The site design was simple and nice; colours used were really soothing and pleasing to the eye. In the front page I was also greeted with a flash introduction of Planet-Pulse. Without further delay, I went on to register myself. Registration was pretty fast, (Not too quick as there was a sum of questions asked. Besides this is a survey website, it ought to know its members more) validation mail came within seconds. Validated, and off I go into the member’s panel

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