TeuxDeux – Simple To-Do List that works

In today’s world where everyone is busy with work, study and other commitments, having a clear mind on what to do next is crucially important to maximize our limited time. A To-do list is a great aid in this aspect;  it helps us take note of what we plan to do in the next hour, day or even months ahead.

However many such To-do list applications are either too simple or too complicated. Simple in the sense that they provide just a single column for all your tasks, lacking of customizations and specifications. Complicated in the sense that they might actually be feature rich with tons of flexibility and customizations, it might be overwhelming for a normal end user. In my case, I simply need a To-Do List that gives me a quick & simple overview of what’s ahead for the week or month without the need to spend time cracking my head trying to fit in details into those single column only To-do list.

TeuxDeux is quite the perfect match for me. At first glance as you could see here, it simply just shows up a To-do list page for the next 5 days.

Intuitive isn’t it? How do you add tasks? Just type it in of course. Had something you want to postpone to tommorow? just drag the task to the next day. Oh and wait, there is a Someday tasks section at the bottom for procrastinators like me to place our no datelines tasks over there to constantly remind ourselves of what we haven’t done yet (:.

Here a video on how TeuxDeux works from the makers themselves:


p.s theres even an iPhone app that allows you to sync with the service!

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One thought on “TeuxDeux – Simple To-Do List that works”

  1. Cool recommendation! Hopefully their android version would come soon. Thanks and cool site!

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