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A Sluggish Start in Year 2011

The start of this year isn’t so favorable for me. The main causing agent is probably due to being late for school for almost a quarter of the amount of school days that had passed. Man, it is really tough. Not sure why but just kept going to school late, later and latest. Ah but it is fun trying to avoid getting booked and stuff, but nonetheless it sure spoils the whole day if I do get caught. It sucks but I’m going to try change the situation. I shall sacrificing sleep to go school by myself. Yes, I shall do that come February. So if I’m late, I have no one else to blame except myself. Continue reading

iPad Bar Star HD Review

Bar Star HD is the iPad version of Bar Star, a time-management game where players are to ensure the smooth running of a bar. Like all time-management games, you have to be quick with your fingers and smart in planning who to serve first and who to ignore. With such skills, the game will then be of a piece of cake. If not, be prepared to start feeling the stress as you fail to serve those customers on time!  The main difference between the iPad version (which this review is based on) and the iPhone version, is the graphics catered for the resolution of the iPad. Other than that the gameplay is pretty much identical. Continue reading

Are you Alright? Game Review

Are you Alright is a time management hospital based game that is currently out for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. If you are familiar with games such as Dinner Dash and Cake Mania, the concept of the games are rather similar compared to the games at easyslots.com. In this game, you play as a doctor travelling around the world getting your reputation up as well as saving patients. As you progress through the stages, you get to visit different hospitals all around the world. With reputation and prestige earned, you can upgrade your hospital to be able to provide the best service available for your patients. Continue reading