A Sluggish Start in Year 2011

The start of this year isn’t so favorable for me. The main causing agent is probably due to being late for school for almost a quarter of the amount of school days that had passed. Man, it is really tough. Not sure why but just kept going to school late, later and latest. Ah but it is fun trying to avoid getting booked and stuff, but nonetheless it sure spoils the whole day if I do get caught. It sucks but I’m going to try change the situation. I shall sacrificing sleep to go school by myself. Yes, I shall do that come February. So if I’m late, I have no one else to blame except myself.

I’ve been going to school with my parents and whoever that needs to go to the west (the area of my school). Lately, the start of 2011 I have been going to school late and later. In fact, the streak of being late in a row stands at a career high of 5. Never been late that many times before but yeah, that is how terrible the beginning of this year is to me. Yes, it is horrible of me to go complaining that my parents aren’t waking up early enough, blaming this and that but myself. I mean, blaming my parents for being late? Ah, how horrible I am after not helping out much in the house chores, helping them in this and that and whatever yet I’m still yapping away causing more unnecessary trouble and sadness. So, I’ve decided. I shan’t blame anybody but myself. But in order for me to do that, I will have to go to school myself. And yes, I shall set my heart and soul into that and see if I can set a record of being early in a row streak.

This will thus mean the start of a long journey, the journey to school. A car would take little time, giving me the comfort to rest and relax. The train and bus however, requires me to endure the morning crowd and the longer travelling time. Ah, a stupid hour just to get to school. A stupid half an hour less of sleep so as to be able to get to the train on time. Everything sucks but oh well what else is there for me to do? Yes I can go deprive my parents of more sleep and stress them more but isn’t that unethical of me to do so? Oh or maybe, maybe I can wake up earlier and do the tasks my mother does, make breakfast and other stuff so that she have lesser things to do. Hmm, yes that sounds good too. At least I’ll only sacrifice the stupid half an hour of sleep but yet I will still be able to get the comfort of the car. Yes, I shall, but will it help? I doubt as she does many more things in the morning. She hangs the clothes, cook stuff for later in the day, wash the dishes and this and that. Told her not to do some of the many tasks she cramp in the morning but she just always say that if she doesn’t do it who will? And she insists that she MUST do those tasks or the household will fall into pieces (to that effect).

I shall thus go to school myself. Or, I can try coming to an agreement that she prioritize the many tasks she cramps in the morning and remove some of them. I can help in some as well, such as making breakfast. But, I’ll have to ensure that she doesn’t do anything else except prepare herself to leave the house. Else, it would defeat the purpose totally. She is kind of the person that after you hang the clothes up she would adjust the pegs as she sees fit. You get the idea, if I were to make breakfast and free up that time for her, she would probably go do something else other than preparing herself to leave. Not good, not good. But, if I were to be able to ensure that she doesn’t do anything else, I shall be early. I will be early. Will it work? I will have to check that out. Yes, I shall try that out, try out helping in the morning. If all doesn’t work, I shall go to school myself.

[image by: Darrren Hester via flickr]

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