Into the Next Decade 2011

Happy new year everyone! Kind of late, again, I guess but nonetheless a decade has gone by just like that. Hope you had a fulfilling decade and year and as much as I would love to start talking about New Year resolutions and all that crap, I would like to share a rather interesting quote or sentence that I come across my twitter feed.

It went something like this (not the exact words, can’t find it): “(2011) a fresh new start to old bad habits”. Can’t remember is it habits or something else, but it had that similar meaning implied. So true, so very true. Every new year we go, I’m going to start spending less time playing more time studying yet it never actually happens (for me at least, and a lot others that I know of). We go stating our New Year resolutions, our plans to get rid of bad habits and improve our character yet none of that actually happens. Of course if you do make an effort there might be improvement but how often do we actually do that? Like the old saying goes, a leopard’s spots never change.

Nonetheless to follow the tradition and trend of making New Year resolutions annually, I have just one thing in this year 2011 that I really hope to fulfill, and that is to work hard and do well in my final year major examinations (which would directly influence my future). Yup, so let’s hope I’ll put in a little more time into those textbooks and other school stuff and get working. Wait, I shouldn’t hope right, I should be like working on it already. Ah… a fresh new start to old habits, boohoo it is just so true for me.

[image by PG | Neto via flickr]

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