First Semester 2011: Exanimate

Saw this interesting word and thought that it fitted the bill perfectly to describe me at the end of the first semester this year. Ex-an-i-mate, adjective, inanimate or lifeless, spiritless; disheartened, Exanimate. Doubt I’ll actually remember this word in the future but oh well, it sounds good to me and that is all that matters. Anyways, first semester ended and it was crazy. Now I finally understand what my seniors were saying. First year honeymoon, second year is like the period when you are about to file your divorce papers. Not sure how that fits but I think that’s like the opposite of honeymoon… is it?

Anyways, the first semester ended with a bang. Yes a “bang” to the head, body and soul. For a person like me with little to no time management abilities at all, the “bang” is as big as the big bang that created the universal (if you believed in that theory that is). Enough of the exaggeration but you get the point. Submissions of all the different assessments came and curbing procrastination is something I probably will have in my 2012 New Year resolutions again, that is if the world doesn’t end in 2012.

It is all over now at least, and it is finally time to take a “break”. A “break” from school but not a “break” from exhausting our minds mentally and our bodies physically. The major mid years are right after this “break” and I really hope that the examinations will not “break” me apart like how the “bang” exploded me already. If you are wondering why I’ve still not started studying, or rather revising, it is due to my lack of disciplined and my expertise in procrastinating. There is still another 3 more weeks right? Lots of time, lots of time.

Now if this post doesn’t make sense to you, you have to analyze it at a deeper level. Read between the lines and you might just get enlightened by this beautiful art of mine. Indeed, this post is like poem, so fluid so beautifully filled with metaphors symbols and all those other devices that you learn in your literature class.

[picture by: Double Image Photography via Flickr]

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