Dreaded Holidays

The long awaited 1 week break of the third term has finally arrived. I feel kind of weird about the holidays. Not really too happy nor excited about it, but nevertheless not sad about it either (who frowns when it is time for a break? The answer: No one!). Perhaps this weird feeling is due to my rather below average results for the term, or maybe because I realize that the final year examinations are extremely near (just 2 weeks after the break) and that I have lots of catching up to do. Whatever it is, I have decided that I will study during the break. Yes, I’ll study. It takes a lot of determination and self-control to not interact with the computer as well as talk to my bear for quite some time, but I am sure I will be up to it. I have to be anyways seeing as how I practically not understand a lot of topics in the different subjects (for not revising etc) and needing to flip the textbook whenever doing worksheets etc. However putting that aside, I can happily say that the year is about to end and the long 2 months of playing awaits. I just got to persevere till then.

I have not been posting of much due to the endless amount of projects which are finally over. Now that the projects are gone, I will be kept busy again, due to the time spent into studying and revision work. However, I would just like to say that there are not much of happenings lately; no games that are worth to talk about, no interesting events that happened, no nothing. Life is as usual but I just cannot wait to say, “LITTLE BIG PLANET is coming out soon!” (During my examination period of course. What a coincidence.) There are several games that I am eagerly anticipating with high hopes and expectations. Still, due to my examinations I have to wait. The painful waiting is what I usually endure and I really hope that the wait would be worth it (the game as well as my results, that is).

For now, I am going to leave and fully rest my last weekend of escapism before finally going back to the harsh reality of life this coming Monday. I wish students out there a happy studying time and all the best for your EOYs (End-Of-Years. Oh well).

P.S Happy teachers’s day.

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