It is Finally Over

What is done is done. There is no use crying over spilt milk but sometimes you just have to. Perhaps you wouldn’t cry then since it doesn’t do much but later on when you’re hungry and the thoughts of the milk being able to satisfy your hunger would make you cry. Similarly, the examinations that I just took were like the spilt milk. There is no use crying over how badly I think I’ve done, but just to accept the fact that I failed to plan and thus plan to fail. I wouldn’t of course start crying now for the grades aren’t back yet. For now, I’ll just be happy and go lucky till the day when the report cards are returned to us. Then, I would be crying thinking of how I could’ve done much better.

It is over and finally over. Haven’t been able to blog much at all for I didn’t have any time to spare. I slept at a personal record breaking of around 1 am and averaging out to be sleeping past midnight for the past 2 weeks. I’ve tried squeezing everything from the previous year plus the new information from this year in just a matter of hours. I believed that I’ve done my best in terms of how much I’m able to absorb in this few hours of revision but definitely I am capable of greater things if I had prepared earlier. Still, procrastination is  a best friend of mine and thus leading me to my own downfall.

Ah, forget about all those negative thinking. It is over and now’s time to take a break. Here are just some stuff besides the examinations that are interesting to talk about:

Class Chalet?

I’ve just came home from a class chalet this morning. The chalet was held from right after the final paper which was my A.Math paper on the Friday the 15th, till today morning, Saturday the 16th. It was fun as usual, but I wouldn’t actually call it a class chalet. Firstly, half the class didn’t turn up. Secondly, a fifth of us didn’t belong in the same class. Anyways it doesn’t actually matters as long as we have fun. And of course, we did.

Right after the A.Math paper, went down to one of my friend’s house with another friend to play ping pong (or table tennis). It was fun as we tested each other skills and laughed at the numerous errors and mistakes made. After that we went on to meet the rest of the people at the various MRT stations before finally proceeding to the chalet to check in.

We went to cage to play soccer, and it was hellishly tiring. Woah, never felt so tired on the big field before. Perhaps the air ventilation or something had problems thus resulting in us becoming tired much faster or simply because we were already tired and exhausted from the examinations. Either way, we had loads of fun and I did until my pants split. Damn, the unluckiest day ever. Not only did I split my pants, I tore my wallet for god knows what reason. Ah but still, very grateful to friends who helped out especially a friend called Gabriel who lent me his pants.

That brings us to dinner and then back to the chalet. As always, filled with fun and laughter. Always wanted to learn guitar so begged one of my friends to teach me in that short period of time. Ouch, my fingers hurt but I guess nothing comes easy. Friend told me that as time passes the pain will get less painful as the skin hardens. Guess it is just like the pull-ups and the blisters where at first it hurts like hell but gets better as you do more.

Nothing else interesting to talk about except that I have to emphasize the fun and laughter we all had throughout the whole chalet.

Spoilt goes, new comes

Had trouble with my hand phones in the past few months. Yup, not one but quite a few. Can’t blame me, didn’t really spoil them intentionally. Total of 3 spoilt hand phones in around 6 months or so? First was my Nokia XpressMusic 5300 where the LCD screen spoilt for no reason. Used it for more than a year, didn’t drop it or anything but it just went boom. Second was my mother’s old phone which was somewhat faulty already. Still, I managed to use it for around 3 months before it finally stopped working completely and not respond when I try to wake it up. After that, I got back my old phone that I served me 3 years back. It worked, and it still does but it is rather stubborn as it doesn’t allow me to talk to people. The mic is damaged I think and it is irritating as I can’t answer any calls for I cannot talk through the phone. After enduring with it for a month or so, my mother finally decided to spend some time to go down to get a free phone for me. Isn’t much of a coincidence that my line was on a monthly basis and didn’t had any contract tied with it any longer. My mother wanted to help change my line or something long ago but didn’t had the time to.

This thus led to the new phone, a free one for I had no need for anything expensive whatsoever.

It is a music phone which I have no use for as I already have an iPod Touch to suit my music needs. It is free so no problems I guess.

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