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It is Finally Over

What is done is done. There is no use crying over spilt milk but sometimes you just have to. Perhaps you wouldn’t cry then since it doesn’t do much but later on when you’re hungry and the thoughts of the milk being able to satisfy your hunger would make you cry. Similarly, the examinations that I just took were like the spilt milk. There is no use crying over how badly I think I’ve done, but just to accept the fact that I failed to plan and thus plan to fail. I wouldn’t of course start crying now for the grades aren’t back yet. For now, I’ll just be happy and go lucky till the day when the report cards are returned to us. Then, I would be crying thinking of how I could’ve done much better.
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These Question Marks are Killing Me

I don’t know where I went wrong. Have no idea what I can do to improve. All these years I’ve been writing in the same way, style and manner. Of course through the years I’ve been improving myself through not making the same mistakes and heeding the teacher’s advices etc. I’ve always got marks that were average if not better. This time however was different. I felt I did like I normally would, write in the way that would at least give me a passing grade. In the end, it was totally rubbish. The marks reflected on my paper told me that all I’ve written was nothing more than nonsense. Why? Why did this happen? I honestly have no idea or the faintest hint. Continue reading

Dreaded Holidays

The long awaited 1 week break of the third term has finally arrived. I feel kind of weird about the holidays. Not really too happy nor excited about it, but nevertheless not sad about it either (who frowns when it is time for a break? The answer: No one!). Perhaps this weird feeling is due to my rather below average results for the term, or maybe because I realize that the final year examinations are extremely near (just 2 weeks after the break) and that I have lots of catching up to do. Whatever it is, I have decided that I will study during the break. Yes, I’ll study. It takes a lot of determination and self-control to not interact with the computer as well as talk to my bear for quite some time, but I am sure I will be up to it. I have to be anyways seeing as how I practically not understand a lot of topics in the different subjects (for not revising etc) and needing to flip the textbook whenever doing worksheets etc. However putting that aside, I can happily say that the year is about to end and the long 2 months of playing awaits. I just got to persevere till then.

I have not been posting of much due to the endless amount of projects which are finally over. Now that the projects are gone, I will be kept busy again, due to the time spent into studying and revision work. However, I would just like to say that there are not much of happenings lately; no games that are worth to talk about, no interesting events that happened, no nothing. Life is as usual but I just cannot wait to say, “LITTLE BIG PLANET is coming out soon!” (During my examination period of course. What a coincidence.) There are several games that I am eagerly anticipating with high hopes and expectations. Still, due to my examinations I have to wait. The painful waiting is what I usually endure and I really hope that the wait would be worth it (the game as well as my results, that is).

For now, I am going to leave and fully rest my last weekend of escapism before finally going back to the harsh reality of life this coming Monday. I wish students out there a happy studying time and all the best for your EOYs (End-Of-Years. Oh well).

P.S Happy teachers’s day.