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Phonebloks – A Modular Phone Concept

Modularity has its advantages and benefits. Put in what you want and take out what you don’t need. Work on specific components and parts instead of the system as a whole. A PC benefits from “modularity” in the sense that you can simply upgrade certain components say the graphics card and keep the whole system intact without doing a wholesale overhaul. This time around Dave Hakkens is bringing this system into phones. Called Phonebloks, Dave is promoting the concept of modular design to phones, allowing people to simply change parts instead of the whole phone. He explains it in a video right after the jump.

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New Site in Progress

I’ve recently bought a Chinese Android phone with two things in mind. I needed an upgrade from my Galaxy S1 and I wanted to try out a Made in China Android phone. I did mention a review coming up and yes it is indeed coming up and will be finished once I’ve decided that I’ve used enough of the phone to come up with a review and conclusion. While I am jotting down my thoughts as I used the phone extensively, I fiddled around with the idea of coming out with a dedicated site to these Chinese mobile devices.

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Introducing the Ubuntu Edge

Did you know that there are other smart phone OSes besides Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows? Mozilla’s Firefox OS is one of the up and coming mobile OS. Together with that, we have the Ubuntu OS for phones. Introducing Ubuntu Edge, a phone that’s not a phone. With the ability to dual boot both Ubuntu phone OS and android, the Ubuntu Edge can also act as a fully functional Ubuntu desktop PC. A phone? Nah, a mobile device rather. Read on for the introductory video.

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Mozilla Concept Phone Seabird

What happens when Mozilla, the people behind the almighty firefox, enters the mobile phone industry? You “get” a phone named Seabird. Just a concept though, whether or not this concept will be worked upon is left to your imagination. From the features listed, I highly doubt we’ll be getting one of such a phone in the coming future. Watch the video or visit their page which talks about the phone. Read on for the video as well as the links. Continue reading

It is Finally Over

What is done is done. There is no use crying over spilt milk but sometimes you just have to. Perhaps you wouldn’t cry then since it doesn’t do much but later on when you’re hungry and the thoughts of the milk being able to satisfy your hunger would make you cry. Similarly, the examinations that I just took were like the spilt milk. There is no use crying over how badly I think I’ve done, but just to accept the fact that I failed to plan and thus plan to fail. I wouldn’t of course start crying now for the grades aren’t back yet. For now, I’ll just be happy and go lucky till the day when the report cards are returned to us. Then, I would be crying thinking of how I could’ve done much better.
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