Phonebloks – A Modular Phone Concept

Modularity has its advantages and benefits. Put in what you want and take out what you don’t need. Work on specific components and parts instead of the system as a whole. A PC benefits from “modularity” in the sense that you can simply upgrade certain components say the graphics card and keep the whole system intact without doing a wholesale overhaul. This time around Dave Hakkens is bringing this system into phones. Called Phonebloks, Dave is promoting the concept of modular design to phones, allowing people to simply change parts instead of the whole phone. He explains it in a video right after the jump.

Interesting concept and the benefits are certainly quite obvious in the sense that you have total control over your phone and that you don’t need to always constantly change your whole phone to get the best performance. The ability to take out certain components and put in others sure is very useful. For example, an army personel like me who cannot bring in camera equipt devices, I can simply remove the camera and there you go, a non-camera phone while keeping the performance at the top.


To learn more about the project do visit and support him by visiting the project’s thunderclap page as well as his facebook. You too can visit the Phonebloks official site (down at the time of publication).

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