Mozilla Concept Phone Seabird

What happens when Mozilla, the people behind the almighty firefox, enters the mobile phone industry? You “get” a phone named Seabird. Just a concept though, whether or not this concept will be worked upon is left to your imagination. From the features listed, I highly doubt we’ll be getting one of such a phone in the coming future. Watch the video or visit their page which talks about the phone. Read on for the video as well as the links.

Mozilla Concept Phone Seabird

What I loved about the concept phone Seabird was:

  • The amazing projector built within and the series of functions that complements it. Named the best projectors Pico Projector, it allows you to use it to project an interface which allows you to use it. For example projecting a keyboard, and you’ll basically be typing on whatever it projects on the flat surface! How awesome is that? No more small clunky clustered qwerty typing on your touchscreen! There is even a dock that allows you to use it to type for a normal computer as well!
  • Infrared Tracking Device, something like a wireless mouse to use with the phone! Pan zoon, click scroll do everything wirelessly via the dongle or the device. Really cool to see but useful or not, it is up to you to decide. The Seabird sure is one concept that leaves many thinking of the possibilities of phone technology and design.

It is a really amazing concept, and the rendered demonstration just further teases the inner geeks within us all.

Check out their page for more information and description.

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