What Is There in the Darkroom?

Prepare a camera and be prepared to be amazed. To fully enjoy what you are about to see, you will require to have a camera that has the fuctionality of adjusting the shutter speed. Smartphone cameras will do as well with the help of special apps such as “Shutter Cam” (as mentioned by the producer of the video). Have your camera ready? Read on for the video and be sure to follow the instructions at the beginning.


Amazed? Amused? Fascinated? Or are you confused as to what you just watched? If you did not prepare a camera and/or follow the instructions within the video you would not be able to clearly see and experience the creativeness of this very interactive film. Still wondering what on earth is going on? Still lazy to bring out your camera to take a few shots? Okay okay, just watch this to find out what you have just missed.

An interactive film of great quality. I’m still baffled as to how and what on earth cause such effects to be produced. It is simply astonishing and the video is a wonderful piece of art. For the smarter minds maybe you can share the concept behind the video. I am guessing that at each point of time it forms a particular image. Putting the image together will produce the final product. Thus by taking shots at the perfect synced timing, the image will come together nicely.

Amazing, simply amazing.

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