Möbius Story: Wind and Mr. Ug

A Möbius story? What on earth is that? Is it of romance, comedy, fantasy? What is a Möbius story? Or rather you should ask, what is Möbius?Lazy to google that up? Nevermind, I shall pamper you before you watch some creative usage of some of his discoveries. Möbius is the last name of a German mathematician, August Ferdinand Möbius, famous for his discovery of the Möbius strip. Now before I go on about the Möbius strip, how about you go on and watch a short little video of a short little story on the character(s) “Wind” and “Mr. Ug”.

Mind blown? Confused? Bored to death? Not sure what on earth is happening? Alright if you are unsure of whatever is happening besides the fact that you think that you have just spent time watching a story that made little impact to you, watch it again. Rewind back and forth or the best follow the instructions at the end of the video and do accordingly. If you’re lazy, you can simply watch the video responses that some had put up that shows the “ending” to that sweet simple short story.

Whatever that had happened in the video, is all due to and based on the Möbius strip. A Möbius strip is a surface with only one side and only one boundary component. Yes one side, meaning what you’ve seen so far is all drawn and erased once. Wind is Mr. Ug (due to the clever way of writing it) and the different places are simply the same places but by looking at it on the other side. The messages left are also written only once, but viewed on the other side. Kudos to the producer of the video, very creative and intelligent. How she (I assume from the narrator’s voice, you never can tell with the introduction of some popular people) carefully writes, draws and tells the story is simply oozing with creative juices.

Mind blown? Alright maybe not so mind blowing but definitely something interesting to lighten up your week. Who says mathematics and creativity cannot go hand in hand? And if you found any deeper or in between the lines type of meanings within the story, please do raise them up as comments. All I watched was the amazing usage of an interesting discovery and a simple little story that exhibits a creative usage of it. Didn’t really get anything enlightening out of the story.

P.S The video may be uninteresting at first (I admit almost closed it within the first minute or so) but please do yourself a favour and hang on till the end. You’ll seriously enjoy it as much as I did.

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