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Lego Pop-up

Lego bricks are building blocks for great sculptures, models and all kinds of things. They come in various form and sizes, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s content. I’ve come across several marvellous works and art pieces based off Lego bricks. What I’ve never seen before though is the use of these hard Lego pieces to create pop-up art. The video after the break. Continue reading

Kinetic Rain at Changi Airport Singapore

Changi Airport is one of the top airports in the world. Whether is it the service wise, facilities or the general experience at the airport, it ranks one of the highest in the world. Adding to its highly regarded reputation of being a world class airport is a work of art called Kinetic Rain. Kinetic rain consists of 608 rain droplets that are made out of lightweight aluminum. They are suspended by the use of thin steel ropes that are all connected to a motor that is hidden in the ceilings above. From there, the rain droplets can move and form different shapes and structures that are simply gorgeous to watch. Be prepared to stop and stare. Continue reading

Möbius Story: Wind and Mr. Ug

A Möbius story? What on earth is that? Is it of romance, comedy, fantasy? What is a Möbius story? Or rather you should ask, what is Möbius?Lazy to google that up? Nevermind, I shall pamper you before you watch some creative usage of some of his discoveries. Möbius is the last name of a German mathematician, August Ferdinand Möbius, famous for his discovery of the Möbius strip. Now before I go on about the Möbius strip, how about you go on and watch a short little video of a short little story on the character(s) “Wind” and “Mr. Ug”. Continue reading

Resource Furniture – Space Saving Genius

Land space is pricey in many countries, I know that for in Singapore a big house in a good location means that you cannot just have a big wallet, but a huge bank as well. Money is not only the case though, land space itself isn’t unlimited and is constantly decreasing as new buildings are erected etc, I do believe that in future space given to each individual is going to be really small and that is why such innovations are definitely welcomed. Innovations such as space saving furnitures that is. Read on for the videos on such beautifully and intelligently designed furnitures that will definitely wow you. Continue reading