Kinetic Rain at Changi Airport Singapore

Changi Airport is one of the top airports in the world. Whether is it the service wise, facilities or the general experience at the airport, it ranks one of the highest in the world. Adding to its highly regarded reputation of being a world class airport is a work of art called Kinetic Rain. Kinetic rain consists of 608 rain droplets that are made out of lightweight aluminum. They are suspended by the use of thin steel ropes that are all connected to a motor that is hidden in the ceilings above. From there, the rain droplets can move and form different shapes and structures that are simply gorgeous to watch. Be prepared to stop and stare.

Simply beautiful. I have yet to see it physically for myself but will do so once I’m free. Just from the video you can feel the magnificence and grace the rain droplets exuberate. I did read about it in my local newspaper but didn’t expect it to actually look that good. I must admit though that the music plays quite a role in creating the mood and atmosphere. Nevertheless, I must go down to see it for myself. For those of you living elsewhere, maybe you can take note of it and perhaps when flying from place to place, try opting for a detour to experience a world class airport and of course see the Kinetic Rain too.

Here’s an additional video featuring the people behind the sculture:

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