NPCC Mega Camp 08 2008

P.S This is reflections to be handed to my teacher. Kinda narrative but still I thought I should just post this up.

I reported to the camp sick. I was having a slight fever and was coughing away. However the thought of the camp being fun and having no drills at all sure made me went through the whole camp with a positive attitude. Before the camp started, administrative matters were carried out. Fees were collected and we were divided into different groups. Each of the groups contains a number of secondary 1, 2 and 3 cadets with a secondary 4 facilitator. I am glad I had a kind and helpful facilitator taking charge of the group. (well, all of the secondary 4 are actually quite good and kind just that mine was a little kind-er)

We started the camp off with some ice breaker games. Ice breaker games are played so as to let the members within the group know each other better. I found it rather helpful in allowing me remember the different sec 2 and 1 cadets names. Among the ice breaker games we had some polar bear hunting game as well as the wack a guy when his name is called game. Both are alright, but I think the polar bear game could be played more into detailed. Throughout the whole polar bear game almost all of us had blank faces and knew just the basics. The game was carried out in a rather weird way and we could not play it to its fullest. I guess we needed more time to get used to that game. Kind of weird having the hunter kill the bear, bear killing the hunter so on and so forth. After the ice breaker games we had dog and bone. It was carried out having the groups pitting themselves against the others. It was fun and definitely could have lasted longer.

We then had lunch I think and it was followed by several lectures. I was feeling rather bad then, my nose was doing its best to run away from me. (oh god that was so COLD!) We had several wet and dirty games after that, but I participated in none as my fever was getting higher. Kind of sad as the games seem rather fun as I see the laughter and smiles among my friends and the other fellow cadets. Nevertheless, I had my rest during that period of time and by the end was feeling much better. We actually wanted to have soccer but due to the untimely rain, we had to postpone it (cancel actually) A lot of people felt bad and sad, some even complaint (how bad). However I feel that though there was no soccer, we could have other activities that will and definitely be much more fun. Soccer is just kicking a ball (yes it is nice to score goals as well as do some good dribbling), what is more we can always have it another time. Instead of soccer, we had some kind of shouting activity where we go shouting and passing “bombs” to one another. It is fun because it was shouting together with your friends and cadets. It definitely shows the unity of the cadets and the unit as a whole. Heh the secondary 4s had to shout against the secondary 1 – 3 cadets. Poor them. We out shouted them because of our united goal and purpose (of course our numbers as well), woohoo!

Then came the night activities. Ah, the ghost walk thingy was extremely fun! Though I had experience it already, the sec 4s put in a lot of effort to modify the walk and made it somewhat like a role playing game. Within my group I had a secondary 1 boy who was extremely scared. It was kind of funny as it reminded me of myself back then. We put strong fronts but when the actual walk begin, we all start to shout and run about. Really fun going to the different dark corners of the school hearing spooky ghost stories. In my opinion it was extremely well done, the story though simplistic does enough to give a purpose in the trail and the different “ghosts” were well done. I will always remember this walk (much better than the one I had before during my sec 1 days).

After the night trail we had lights out. The next day was not too bad. I was feeling much better already. We started off with physical training to wake ourselves up. Though it was short and not too demanding, it sure was enough to wake everyone up. We then travelled to the park to carry out some community service as well as treasure hunt. The treasure hunt however was disrupted thanks to the heavy down pour. The rain came down viciously and the wind was no exception. It was cold and cooling but actually fun at the same time. We mingled among the groups and friends under huts shielding us from the rain. Though there was no treasure hunt, the time spent hiding under the small hut together surely has bonded us together much more.

We went back to school for lunch then proceeded with some photo session viewing some of the photos the teachers took. Fun and exciting to see the different expressions on my friends face. After that we had prize presentation for the best group and camper. HOME awaits after that. I felt that the camp was not all too bad, just my stupid physical condition damper my mood. Still, the facilitators were extremely cheerful and happy and that lifted my spirits up. Though the rain disturbed our activities time and over again, it also brought us together as one. I guess that’s all I can say about the camp. Oh and I learnt that I should try my best to keep healthy before camps begin.

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