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The Ending of Year 2008

The year of 2008 is about to end in about a month’s time. Throughout this whole year many things have happened. Some of them are positive while others were painful. Nonetheless I believe that 2008 has been fruitful and that I have made good use of the time. My academic route was quite smooth, meeting just a few bumps and troubles along the way. Still, I managed to pull through with a rather average result. What I worry most is that some of the fundamentals of mathematics aren’t grasp to my fullest of ability and that the advanced techniques next year are going to prove a problem. However, I’ll most probably be getting extra help from tuition lessons etc so I doubt that it would be much of a problem.

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NPCC Mega Camp 08 2008

P.S This is reflections to be handed to my teacher. Kinda narrative but still I thought I should just post this up.

I reported to the camp sick. I was having a slight fever and was coughing away. However the thought of the camp being fun and having no drills at all sure made me went through the whole camp with a positive attitude. Before the camp started, administrative matters were carried out. Fees were collected and we were divided into different groups. Each of the groups contains a number of secondary 1, 2 and 3 cadets with a secondary 4 facilitator. I am glad I had a kind and helpful facilitator taking charge of the group. (well, all of the secondary 4 are actually quite good and kind just that mine was a little kind-er)

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The First Battle of 2008 is Finally Over

Every year of my life, there are four battles: 2 huge and major ones, 2 small and insignificant battles. Nevertheless, neglecting the small battles will still affect me and my plans to succeed in the major ones that lie ahead. Therefore, I can officially scream out of joy and happiness that the first mini battle has finally been won and over. In this first quarter of the year, I am flooded with both extra curriculum activities as well as my academic pursuits. Trying to balance both is definitely no child’s play as I have an extra disturbance among the balance, gaming. Balancing among 3 aspects and trying to archive most out of everything wears me out. However I am glad to say that I did manage to play the video games I want to play, get the results I wanted to score and endure through the parades and practices my uniform group put me up to.

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PC Rugby 08 Review

Rugby 08 box coverIntroduction

EA Sports Rugby is back once more, giving all rugby fans out there a treat. However, I did not play the previous version so in this review I will not comment on how much improvement 08 actually has. Rugby 08 definitely gives players the feel of being at the rugby pitch and playing as one of their favorite team. Rugby 08 is the most popular rugby game currently (There is only one to two more other rugby games if I remembered correctly). Available in both the PC and PS2, it is a must for all rugby fans with consoles or computers to have it.

P.S This review is based on the PC version.

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