The First Battle of 2008 is Finally Over

Every year of my life, there are four battles: 2 huge and major ones, 2 small and insignificant battles. Nevertheless, neglecting the small battles will still affect me and my plans to succeed in the major ones that lie ahead. Therefore, I can officially scream out of joy and happiness that the first mini battle has finally been won and over. In this first quarter of the year, I am flooded with both extra curriculum activities as well as my academic pursuits. Trying to balance both is definitely no child’s play as I have an extra disturbance among the balance, gaming. Balancing among 3 aspects and trying to archive most out of everything wears me out. However I am glad to say that I did manage to play the video games I want to play, get the results I wanted to score and endure through the parades and practices my uniform group put me up to.


The first quarter of the year examinations carry 15% of the overall marks. I am happy and pleased to inform you people who care that I have done average in all of my subjects. I cannot, however, tell you the marks of each subjects yet as I have yet to receive back my final marks for this examinations. All you need to know now is that I have done pretty well and fantastic to come to think of it that this is my first Integrated-Programme Examinations. I will release my marks together with the monthly report near the week after next.

Uniform Group

In case you do not know, I am currently a cadet in the NPCC (National Police Cadet Corps) whereby we students are police wanabes. We do things such as marching etc blah blah blah, everything a uniform youth organization does. We had endless amounts of training due to my school’s birthday which is held today. Trainings were merciless and they cut into my “studying” time (I admit I do play games more than I study, but still…), leaving me little to no time at all to do my homework nor revise for the upcoming examinations. To add on to the stress and pressure, I am selected for my school’s secondary 3 campcraft team. Campcraft in other words means to tie stuff. Yes tie stuff such as tents, flag poles so on and so forth. The competition is during my examination periods, which of course mean that I have to practice not only the parades for the school’s birthday, but also the knots for the competition. Time is definitely not on my side neither is my body’s condition. After every parade, every training, I feel exhausted. Some people do not feel a thing at all, but for me and my fragile body, it hurts a lot. I have to endure the complaints my pair of legs gives me, the worries my brain expresses to me, the pair of eyes which always refuse to open and lastly the hands which never keep still because of the fatigue it suffers from. I guess I am exaggerating a little too much, right so let me keep it short and simple. I feel tired. I am glad that one big hurdle is gone, my school’s birthday, and the competition which I doubt my team would ever qualify. However, I have to prepare now for the upcoming country’s birthday school celebration parade in august. For now, I shall sit back and start gaming with all my might.

Just a note, today I am suppose to write a post on monthly reflections and stuff like that but instead of that, I replaced it with such a post. That is mainly because I want to release my results together with the report thus the delay. If you people are still anxious about my site’s status, I can say that it has definitely

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