I Flunked the Examinations

Everyone has their own expectations. I am no exception. Everyone has their bests, I do as well. Therefore my opinion of flunking the examinations is my marks getting below 60%. Never in my whole education life so far did I ever get an average score of below 70%. Perhaps I am too demanding? Many of you might say “Holy cow, 70%? That’s like heavenly high!” Yeah, but for me, it is my average marks I ought to achieve.

During the examination period I had no self discipline. I played for an hour before starting to mug and I only started revising (or actually studying in my case) around a week before the examinations are about to begin. Some subjects I had only a day to actually learn the new concepts due to the fact that I care less about me not fully understanding the topic taught in school and not bothering to ask. However, regretting is of no use. I ought to pull up my socks and start preparing for the later examinations.

Here are my marks for you to look down on, oh well. (I totally deserve it)

Advanced Mathematics 72 78 75.4 6
Biology 73 55 62.7 5
Chemistry 90 57 71.1 6
Core Mathematics 90 59 72.3 6
Higher Chinese 72 47 57.7 4
IHS (Smth like Hist.) 80 53 64.6 5
English 74 68 71.0 6
Physics 63 53 57.3 4

Total: 532/800
Avgr: 66.50

It was thanks to my term 1 results that help pulled my overall semester’s average up by around 10%. Without considering the term 1 results, my average would have been well below 60%, and that is actually extremely horrible for my standard. That is it for today, loads of reflecting need to be done, loads of work to catch up to.

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