Examinations Ahoy! First Battle of 2009

Tomorrow would officially mark the week whereby the first term’s examinations begin. Rather shocked how fast the first term’s examinations arrived. With less than a month or so to study anything new, most subjects would be testing the tiny bits we learnt in January/February and the chunk we ought to have entered into our brains at the end of 2008. This also means that … … I’m screwed! Yay! I have and not proud to say that most of my 2008 knowledge have gone down and out of my system. Besides, whatever I learnt in 2008 isn’t really mastered yet (e.g math). This thus equals to: I have to study!

As I typed this post, I think (yes I think) I am studying. Studied for around 20 minutes then watched soccer highlights for around an hour followed by another hour of browsing websites and lastly writing this blog post. Alright, I’ll try my very best to spend my afternoon (at least half) studying and brushing up on my subjects particularly chemistry. Just hope that I have the determination and self-discipline to spend the rest of my days studying an hour at least.

I have to do well else the hopes of a new desktop would be tarnished and gone. I really want a new computer. I guess I have to use that thought as an encouragement to myself.

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