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Procrastination: Laziness Pays off Now

And so here I am again ranting about why I shouldn’t procrastinate and how I should start working towards the final goal. Hmm, alright with that said, I shall think about it later. Now it is time to relax and get my mind off how terribly I’ve done in the morning’s english literature oral examination. Totally love this quote I saw off the internet: “Hard work OFTEN pays off after time, but laziness ALWAYS pays off now.” So young and true.

[picture by: bsdubois00 via flickr]

First Semester 2011: Exanimate

Saw this interesting word and thought that it fitted the bill perfectly to describe me at the end of the first semester this year. Ex-an-i-mate, adjective, inanimate or lifeless, spiritless; disheartened, Exanimate. Doubt I’ll actually remember this word in the future but oh well, it sounds good to me and that is all that matters. Anyways, first semester ended and it was crazy. Now I finally understand what my seniors were saying. First year honeymoon, second year is like the period when you are about to file your divorce papers. Not sure how that fits but I think that’s like the opposite of honeymoon… is it? Continue reading

Busy Busy Weeks Ahead

Haven’t been updating much because of the sheer amount of work the school gives. I guess it is kind of expected since this is my final year and the major examinations are just months away. So yeah, project submission dates, science reports, mini essays and so on. Aside from the project like work, we have the usual subject specific worksheets and so on. Oh and of course the term tests are approaching real soon. Continue reading

Results Out Happiness Gone

Examination results were released days ago and of course that means that reality starts kicking in again. Until I get to pass that re-examination I’ll be worrying my ass off, while I should be at least. Anyways, I think I did pretty okay, nothing too spectacular or extremely terrible. If I were to compare with the rest of the cohort I would say a little below average? Yeah, not really average I guess, since it is a little bit lower than that of other people whose subject combination seems to be of much higher difficulty to that of mine. Of particular horribleness are the subjects Physics and Math which I both did rather badly. Continue reading