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Busy No More

I am finally busy no more at LEAST for now till the next month or so. Argh I have not been updating the site for at least a month. That has broken the record of not updating for at least two weeks or so. For any readers out there who even bother, the site is not closing down or anything. It just lies down to the young and inexperienced writer me, being really busy with examinations preparations etc. School life sure is not as easy as before. Projects, homework, presentations and list go on and on. People with terrible time management, like me, often feel pressurized and ending up with no time at all to complete any task they plan to do. For example I want to study this chapter but I also want to play games. Therefore I played games and study but at the end of the day I found out I could not remember anything from the chapter and I had no fun playing to game at all. In other words killing no birds with two stones. But nevertheless the examination period is finally over and I can finally relax, till the day where the results are given out. For now, it is time to start my gaming engine and play till my eyes pops?

The First Battle of 2008 is Finally Over

Every year of my life, there are four battles: 2 huge and major ones, 2 small and insignificant battles. Nevertheless, neglecting the small battles will still affect me and my plans to succeed in the major ones that lie ahead. Therefore, I can officially scream out of joy and happiness that the first mini battle has finally been won and over. In this first quarter of the year, I am flooded with both extra curriculum activities as well as my academic pursuits. Trying to balance both is definitely no child’s play as I have an extra disturbance among the balance, gaming. Balancing among 3 aspects and trying to archive most out of everything wears me out. However I am glad to say that I did manage to play the video games I want to play, get the results I wanted to score and endure through the parades and practices my uniform group put me up to.

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Am I Smart Enough?

Today was a day that stretched my mental and intelligence limit. It was a day whereby the creams of the crops come to compete to become the cream of the cream. For those who are successful, they get a huge reward. And that is allowing their school fees to be completely waived for the rest of their secondary and junior college life. Today was the scholarship test for integrated programme students. It was an experience I felt around 6 years back when I took this test to see if I qualified for a higher form of education (GEP, Gifted Education Programme is what we call in Singapore) and I failed terribly. Now here I am back again taking a similar kind of test hoping for the best so as to save money on school fees. The experience was actually not too bad, just stressful.

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End of Month Report and Reflections

August 2007
A month has gone by so fast. Finished my term 3’s examinations and now awaiting the finals. Stressful it is I must say. It is to the level that once it is time to relax, I do not even feel good at all. You know the feeling of me studying, worrying for my next subject and so on. I often feel that way; it is scary as I find myself hard to relax. Putting that aside, SwiftWorld is now officially 2 month old. Started in July, my site/blog has gain a number of hits and visits from people all around the world. Not too impressive but still, I feel good when I saw the improvement in the number of visitors compared to July. August is gone and now waiting for September. It has been a fruitful month; gain quite a lot of experiences through reading through web mastering forums and so on. Asked for opinions and comments on my content and articles and not much complaints and I am really glad of that. Without further ado, let us check the statistics for the month of August, and then followed by some reflecting on my personal life. Continue reading

Examinations, busy!

These past few weeks were my examination weeks. Till now, it is still ongoing. In fact, until next Wednesday, I will not be free. Busy, busy busy. Mug, mug and mug. Study, study and more studying. Argh! My brain can not take it anymore! So far results are pretty good, received back 4 subjects grades, 3 yet to be returned and 2 examinations about to be taken. Because of this, I lacked the time to update the site with anything interesting.

However, I promise that I will write some great articles after next Wednesday. Some content that I will be putting up will be reviews on multi-service instant messaging applications (MSN, Yahoo, AOL etc all in one application) and comparison on mainly two application that caught my interest (Trillian and Velvet Puffin). Look forward to it

Till then, goodbye. I still have to study for my upcoming history paper on Monday.